B. P. Wadia - A Life of Service to Mankind

Dallas Tenbroeck

On the Work of W.Q. Judge, A Founder of the Theosophical Society

As an aside to this narration of the work and life of BPW it becomes necessary to write of the events in 1894-1896 involving Mr. Judge, Mrs. Besant and Col. Olcott after the death of HPB, so that the perspective is clear and some understanding of what Mr. Wadia found out is had as of 1919-1922.

BP Wadia determined that in 1894-6 Mrs. Besant, and Col. Olcott, were the prime cause of a serious problem caused by their misunderstanding of Mr. Judge's stand and function for Theosophy. He was accused by them ( Mrs. Besant taking the position of a "prosecutor)" of fraudulently imitating or copying the Masters' handwriting when providing them with certain "messages" which came from Them. Mrs. Besant and other recipients admitted that the content of the messages was not being questioned, only the fact that they seemed to be written in scripts that were used before H.P.B. died. She, of course, was no longer there to use them. This was a puzzle. How did Judge figure in this ?

Mr. Judge stated openly at that time, that he was in frequent touch with the Masters and that the said messages were Theirs and not his; nor had he written them. He offered to prove this, but none of the accusers took him up on this offer to demonstrate, as history reveals. [ Both HPB, WQJ and others had, earlier, published a number of articles in LUCIFER and THE PATH concerning the rationale of letter "precipitation"--how a "matrix" impressed and long established in the electro-magnetic substance of the astral light could be repeatedly used to save psychic energy--in sending new communications. Such a matrix did not extinguish with the "death" of any one person, but could continue to be used, as in these cases, where another person might be used as the focus for that work to be done, as, apparently, Judge was so used. It was the context and the content, as well as an interior code impressed in the "message" by the sender which certified to its authenticity. No "seal" or other external physical appearance could be used by unconcerned parties to make a determination of its authenticity. These criteria alone would not serve an inquirer in verifying the genuineness of the letters, or other artifacts, precipitated from the astral light. It may be recalled that earlier, suspicions had been entertained in HPB' life time of the genuineness of certain letters from the Mahatmas, like the "Prayag letter." She, and Damodar K. Mavlankar had been the targets of such suspicions by Sinnett and Olcott.]

Judge warned Col. Olcott in advance that an attempt in the T S to make a ruling on such a question would establish a "belief in Masters" as a dogma of the T. S. -- which specifically disavowed any dogmatism. On this point the "Judicial Committee" convened by Col. Olcott in London in July 1894 agreed; the "charges" were dropped, and amity was ostensibly restored. The membership of the T S were sent a report by Col. Olcott entitled "On the Neutrality of the T S." For some unfortunate reason this setback rankled with those who had become accusers of Mr. Judge, and these accusations were renewed in the beginning of the next year, 1895.

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