Krishnamurti and the World Teacher

Quote from his own words

Source: Krishnamurti, 100 years, Evelyne Blau, A Joost Elffers Book, Stewart, Tabori & Chang, New York, 1995, p. 93: 

Question: What meaning and value do you attach to the term "World Teacher"? Is everyone who reaches liberation a "World Teacher"?

K: Do not trouble yourself with terms, labels and phrases. I look upon the "world teacher" as one who has realized truth. The ocean cannot be brought to the river, so the river must seek the ocean. Likewise, in order to attain this state of liberation, which may be likened to the sea, the individual must go towards that sea; it cannot come into him because it cannot be conditioned. To me the reality of the "world teacher" is not in the name, but in the fact of attaining this liberation, this enlightenment. To me the reality is that an indivual can attain to that freedom of self-consciousness, to that purification, to that liberation of the self which gives to him immense calmness, serenity, pliability, strength and affectionate detachment from all things.