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Wheelchair clothing for women 
Riding in a wheelchair has many issues associated with it - will people treat you like human? Will your shirt ride up on the back? How to prevent pressure sores? And more embarrassing: how to get pants that will minimize the bathroom fuss? 
Beyond Veg  
Site on the exagerations current in vegetarian, vegan and alternative health circles. Some common sense and practical knowledge on diet. Includes personal stories of people struggling with their diet.
Buddhism and vegetarianism
Vegan diets healthier for the planet and humans, than meat-including diets
Not eating any meat products is better for the environment.
The dangers of Hypnosis, insights and confessions of an English Hypnotist
Hypnosis explained and warned about.
Borderline Personality Disorder site
Good practical first hand information on various mental disorders.
Theosophical and spirituality links