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Drugs and Hallucinogen

Since the sixties drugs and spirituality have been interlinked. The altered states of consciousness that drugs like LSD and Hashies can evoke do resemble spiritual experiences, on occasion, after all.

However, when it comes to drug use, context is everything. It's one thing to live in a small village and take mushrooms once, under the guidance of the village shaman who has known you all your life. It's something else to take mushrooms during a week of binge drinking, in a strange town with no more personal contact than it takes to give a dealer some money.

Who is going to help you get into a positive state of mind so that the drugs don't give you a bad trip? Who is going to help you integrate what you experience into your daily life? Who is going to judge whether this is the right moment for you to experience such things?

On the whole I feel that it's best to simply stay away from drugs unless you are that rare person who finds a reliable spiritual guide who will not only take you on a trip, but will also be there the months after. 

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