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A web site is a great way to communicate with people. But most people do not e-mail me. They just visit my page and all I see is that (on average) 25 people visit my theosophical web site daily. But some do e-mail or leave a message on my guestbook. Some of the questions these people have asked are answered here, as they are of general interest. [ back to FAQ ] For more on ethics see, Modern Theosophy - Ethics.

Shouldn't I resist violence committed against myself?
What is my reward for not killing the aggressor?

I am looking for help in getting rich, in a new age way. Will your organization help?

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Shouldn't I resist violence committed against myself. What is my reward for not killing the aggressor.

One of the traps of spiritual life, according to theosophists, is looking for a reward. Also, killing an aggressor is not likely to stop his aggression, because the aggressive energy is not only linked to the body, it may well survive the death of the physical body. 

Resisting violence is of course necessary. But there is a big difference between resisting violence and wishing the violent person ill, or killing him/her. Though killing may at times be necessary.

Anyhow, fostering hate is not going to help anybody: not you, not your aggressor and not the other people around you. On the other hand: lacking hate, feeling peace and forgiveness is likely to make your own life more
pleasurable and also the lives of those around you. It may even help the violent person become more peaceful.

I am looking for help in getting rich, in a new age way. Will your organization help?

No, The Theosophical Society will not help. The using of occult powers to get rich, is considered to be black magic. Occult powers should only be used for the benefit of all of mankind. This usually means not using them at all! Using occult powers the motive becomes of prime importance. If your motive is fame, or recognition or simply money - it is considered selfish. Selfish use of these powers will get you and your family and friends (according to theosophical doctrine) nothing but sorrow.

The prime theosophical aim for each of us, is to find Buddha-like insight. This probably includes giving up of wealth (or at least not being attached to it), for the sake of growing in wisdom, insight, love for humanity and selflessness. Then, when insight is gained, going into the world and sharing your insight. Buddha lived most of his life as a travelling monk. Not exactly the rich prince with worldly power he was born to be.