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Why is the language of the three objects of the Theosophical Society not gender neutral?

The phrase ' Universal Brotherhood of Humanity ' appears in the Three objects of the Theosophical Society. It is meant to convey at least the following:

  • An active attempt amongst members of the Theosophical Society at ethical and kind behavior. Where possible this should be extended to all peoples, but the TS is meant to be a start.
  • Brotherhood is seen as an expression of the fundamental unity of all that IS, including of course all people.

There have been many attempts at rephrasing the following so that women are actively implied (instead of passively, as at present). No acceptable alternative has yet been found.

The source of all this is that in the 19th century, when this phrase was adopted, gender neutral language hadn't been invented yet. In fact, it wasn't untill the late 1960's that it was - and even now it is not always applied. The Theosophical Society may change the words - but ultimately it's not about words, it is about whether or not we succeed in creating a family-like atmosphere amongst ourselves and a welcoming one to newcomers.

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