Katinka's Comments

The main purpose of these web-sites (the Esoteric Studies Guide and Modern Theosophy ) is to make important quotes and articles out of theosophical sources accessible. However, for the student new to this subject, sometimes explanations are necessary. When I have already written such explanations, there is a link from the quote in question to the explanation. Nevertheless, for the sake of structural clarity, these same explanations are accessible from this page. 

For the student new to the study of theosophy, I have one important advice: DON'T despair if your studies are going slower than you expect of yourself. You have to remember, you are not in school, this is not going to be examined. If you study one quote a day, or one paragraph of an article a day, that is just fine. This study may change your life, may change the way you look at things, may help you out of your conditionings, may help you into some new conditionings. That last effect is not to be hoped for and the way to avoid it is by taking it slow, thinking things through and not just trying to memorize and understand as quickly as you can manage. Study this stuff in a meditative, contemplative way. Do not get yourself into a mood in which you want to extract as much information as possible and immediately find out what the value of it is. 

I wish you a lot of success, happiness and the same fascination for this subject that I find in studying it. 

Katinka Hesselink

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