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Religious and Spiritual Christmas Ornaments

Each religion and spiritual tradition has its own celebrations. These holy days or seasonal days are often linked to the movement of the moon and the sun instead of a specific date on the calendar. 

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Christian home decor for the holidays

Christian Nativity Sets and Nativity Decorations for Christmas

Celebrate the Virgin Birth

Jesus was born over 2000 years ago, in a small stable in Bethlehem. He is perhaps the most influential individual ever born, shaping the lives of over a billion people around the world right now.

The Virgin Birth was foretold - and the omens were good. People in different nations and cultures celebrate his birth every year in the form of Christmas. Let us take a look at some of the coolest Nativity Sets and Nativity Decorations for Christmas. I am sure you will find them inspiring.

Many people use Nativity Sets as the central piece of their Christmas Decorations. Makes sense, after all it is the birth of Jesus that we are celebrating.

Fontanini nativity set

Better ones are treasured as family heirlooms and passed down from one generation to the other. It is a very good idea to invest in a quality Nativity Set. Fontanini Nativity Sets are well known for the craftsmanship and detail to perfection.

Whether you would place the Nativity Set indoors or outdoors will determine the kind of material you'll eventually choose. However, there is no doubt that this one item is a must have for Christmas.

Most Nativity Sets include the figures of infant Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Some include other figurines as well.

Willow Tree nativity set

Willow tree statues are made of special clay. Willow tree statues are simple yet beautiful small statues of men, women, baby, children, family groups, pet animals, angels and figures. The Willow Tree Nativity set is a yearly best seller. Understandable: it's sensitive, simple and graceful.

OUTDOOR Silhouette Style Yard Nativity Set - Bible themed manger scene for your garden or yard

Outdoor silhouette yard nativity set

I really like the simplicity of this set. It does not look too commercial but it still displays that a Christian belief is followed by the people who have displayed it in their yard. It is made of a type of plastic that will not rot which is nice because this is something that would be used for several years by a family. I also like that no matter what style of home it sits in front of, it will look nice.

When it is time to store it away until the next year, the set breaks down and fits into a nice box making storage a breeze.

Fresh green tabletop setting

Pine has a special relationship with Christmas. As an evergreen tree - it always remains green. This symbolizes everlasting life in Jesus, and the unlimited mercy and love of God for human beings.

Tablet top christmas card holderChristian Tabletop Decorations for Christmas

Christmas Dinner is perhaps the most joyous occasion for all Christian families. It is said that the family which eats together stays together.

Christmas Trees are one of the best known symbols of Christmas. They have become so popular that even the Vatican has started decorating a Christmas Tree in the Saint Peter's Square!

Alternative and minority religious holiday decor and ornaments

Christmas can trace its origins to the ancient Celtic festival of Yule. Pagans have been celebrating the sun becoming strong again during midwinter, for thousands of years. Winter Solstice marks the resurgence of Sun in the sky. It is the shortest day and longest night of the year.

The word 'Paganism' derives from the word 'pagan', which is often meant as an insult to non-monotheistic religions. Yet, as conservative Christians will tell you, there are pagan traditions that have penetrated ordinary Christian celebrations like Christmas.

Christmas derives from the old Midwinter festival, held in the darkest time of the year when people (without electric lighting to cheer themselves) would get a bit depressed. It is both a 'cheer up, the worst is behind us' and a 'let's light a fire in all this darkness' festival.

Traces of this can be found in current new-years activities, which often include bonfires and fireworks.

It's not hard to see similar traces of this in our Christmas traditions. Evergreens - both in the Christmas tree and as wreaths, form a common Christmas decoration of our homes, offices and gardens.

When it's dark, you light a fire - or at the very least a candle. These days we often put electric lights in our Christmas trees, but in some families candles still get put in, though of course the kids will need to be taught to be careful.