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Edgar Cayce Wisdom Quotes

Edgar Evans Cayce

"Abilities are limited only by that which becomes the prompting of the purpose of the entity."
(Edgar Cayce Reading 5277-1)
"If I were so and so -if I had this or that -O how much I would give to charity,
to the needy" and give not in your present estate, you would not give any at all if you had all at your command!
(Edgar Cayce Reading 262-111)
"Ye may indeed learn the lesson as that Teacher of Teachers gave; that abiding in the truth, it Shall make you free."
(Edgar Cayce Reading 1473-1)
The sin of man is his desire for self-gratification.
(Edgar Cayce Reading 3976-29)
"How may I find ease in the presence of others?
(A) By creating ease first within self."
(Edgar Cayce Reading 2181-1)
As ye would that others should do to you, do ye so to them. This is not merely a tale or an axiom, but this IN action creates greater actions that offer opportunities in business, in social, in the economic forces, in home relations and those of every nature.
(Edgar Cayce Reading 1603-1)
Minimize the faults in others as ye would wish others to minimize the faults in thee.
Magnify the virtues, and in manners as to be complementary not merely in words of praise
but in a feeling of constant appreciation of others,
as ye would have others appreciate thine own abilities.
(Edgar Cayce Reading 2900-2)
For He hath chosen each of you as a messenger to someone.
Fail Him not
(Edgar Cayce Reading 281-64)
Act in relation to the opposite sex as ye would have the opposite sex act toward thee.
(Edgar Cayce Reading 3198-3)
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