The Holy One

William Blake

She looked and saw Joseph the Carpenter in Nazareth and Mary
His espoused Wife. And Mary said, If thou put me away from thee
Dost thou not murder me? Joseph spoke in anger and fury: Should I
Marry a Harlot and an Adulteress? Mary answer'd: Art thou more pure
Than thy Maker, who forgiveth Sins and calls again Her that is Lost?

. . . . . . .

He who envies or calumniates, which is murder and cruelty,
Murders the Holy-one. Go tell them this and overthrow their cup,
Their bread, their altar-table, their incense, and their oath;
Their marriage and their baptism, their burial and consecration.
I have tried to make friends by corporeal gifts, but have only
Made enemies; I never made friends but by spiritual gifts,
By severe contentions of friendship and the burning fire of thought.
He who would see the Divinity must see him in his Children,
One first in friendship and love, then a Divine Family, and in the midst
Jesus will appear; so he who wishes to see a Vision, a perfect Whole,
Must see it in its Minute Particulars, Organised, and not as thou,
O Fiend of Righteousness, pretendest; thine is a Disorganised
And snowy cloud; brooder of tempests and destructive War,
You smile with pomp and rigor; you talk of benevolence and virtue;
I act with benevolence and virtue, and get murder'd time after time;
You accumulate Particulars, and murder by analysing, that you
May take the aggregate, and you call the aggregate Moral Law;
And you call that swell'd and bloated Form a Minute Particular.
But General Forms have their vitality in Particulars; and every
Particular is a Man, a Divine Member of the Divine Jesus.

. . . . . . .

And he who takes vengeance alone is the criminal of Providence.
If I should dare to lay my finger on a grain of sand
In way of vengeance, I punish the already punish'd. O whom
Should I pity if I pity not the sinner who is gone astray?
O Albion, if thou takest vengeance, if thou revengest thy wrongs,
Thou art for ever lost! What can I do to hinder the sons
Of Albion from taking vengeance or how shall I them persuade?