Vol 6 Page xxiii


In planning an American Edition of H.P.B. ’s Collected Writings, it has been thought advisable to start with new material, heretofore unpublished in chronological sequence, leaving the writings of the period 1874-1882, published earlier by Rider & Co., London, and now out of print, to be dealt with at a later date.
The writings contained in the present volume are in direct chronological continuation of those embodied in the previous one, published in 1950. The English translation of original French texts is the work of Dr. Charles J. Ryan, of Point Loma, California. This work has been carefully checked by Irene R. Ponsonby and the Compiler.
The Compiler is indebted to Miss Katherine A. Beechey, Keeper of the Archives, The Theosophical Society, Adyar, India, for valuable assistance rendered in supplying with great care, both actual material and information from the Adyar Archives.
Grateful acknowledgement is made of the willing help received from Irene R. Ponsonby, Audrey Hollander, Margaret Bonnell, Jaye Méndez, Alice Eek, and Nancy Browning, in proofreading the text in the various stages of production. As in the case of Volume Five, sincere thanks are due to Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Donath, for many helpful actions connected with the publicity angle and the supplies incidental to the preparation of the MSS.
Special mention should be made of the most valuable help received from Mrs. Mary L. Stanley, of London, England, during the last five years. Her able, many-sided and sustained research-work in the British Museum contributed very materially to the accuracy of the many quotations which had to be checked, and of the various data that had to be verified. This exacting and painstaking labor stands as a major contribution not only in the production of former volumes, but in the preparation of the MSS. for volumes yet to be published.
Acknowledgment should also be made of the great care exercised by Everett M. Stockton and Harry C. Shaneberger of the S & S Lino-Comp Service, of Los Angeles, Calif., in the Intertype composition of the manuscript, which, on account of many Sanskrit diacritical marks, called for both patience and intelligent handling.
The publication of Volume Six in the present Series would not have been possible without the material help of a large number of students from many parts of the world, who prefer to remain anonymous. We acknowledge their willing and wholehearted assistance in creating the Blavatsky Writings Publication Fund, and assure them of our deeply felt gratitude.


November 17th, 1954