Vol 3 Page xxi


Most of the material in the present Volume appeared in print in collected form for the first time in 1935, when it was published by Rider & Co. in London, under the title of The Complete Works of H. P. Blavatsky. As was the case with the original Volumes I and II of the Series, a considerable portion of the stock of Volume III perished in the London “blitz” during the second World War. As a result of this, these earlier Volumes have been unobtainable for many years.
Discovery of hitherto unknown writings from H. P. B.’s pen required that the material be somewhat differently distributed, as far as the four original Volumes are concerned. The present Volume is made up of H. P. B.’s writings during the years of 1881 and 1882. It contains therefore some of the material of the original Volume II and most of the material of the original Volume III.
The text contained now in Volume III has been checked with the original sources of publication, and most of the quoted matter compared with the originals and corrected whenever necessary. Some new material has been incorporated from the Archives at Adyar. A number of explanatory notes and comments have been added by the Compiler to clarify points of Theosophical history. Biographical and Bibliographical information has been collected in the Appendix, as is the case with all the Volumes of this Series, and a copious Index has been prepared.
The Compiler wishes to express his gratitude to all those who have helped in the preparation of this Volume. Their continued interest and helpful assistance are gratefully acknowledged. Their names, as given in the Foreword to Vol. II, apply to the present Volume as well.

May 8, 1968.