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(the period to which the material in the present volume belongs)

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September 15—Date of the first issue of the magazine Lucifer, described on the title-page as: A Theosophical Magazine, designed to “bring to light the hidden things of darkness.” The names of H. P. Blavatsky and Mabel Collins appear as Editors. The publisher is George Redway, York Street, Covent Garden, London.

September 9—16-H. S. Olcott at Vizianagaram and Viz‚gapat‚m; sails the 16th for Cocanlda on SS. Ethiopia; has narrow escape going on board ship (ODL., IV, 15, 17, 18; Theos., IX, Suppl., Oct.-Nov., 1887, p. ii).

September—Mohini M. Chatterji sails for India from Boston; visits friends in Rome on his way (Path, II, Oct., 1887, p. 223).

September 21—30-H. S. Olcott at Rajahmundry, Ellore and Bezv‚da (ODL., IV, 18; Theos., IX, Suppl., Oct.-Nov., 1887, p. ii).

September—Theosophical Publishing Company organized at London, with a capital of £1,500 (Ransom, 239; ODL., IV, 24; Theos., IX, Suppl., Jan., 1888, p. xxxiv; Path, II, March, 1888, p. 387).

October 2-8—H. S. Olcott at GuntŻr and MasŻlipat‚m; takes steamer for Madras on the 8th (ODL., IV, 18-20; Theos., IX, Suppl., Oct.-Nov., 1887, p. ii).

October 10—H. S. Olcott lands at Madras, after 262 days of journey, since his departure for Ceylon earlier in the year (ibid.).

October 13—Alexander Fullerton leaves Adyar for Bombay and the U.S.A., after a stay of only nine days (ODL., IV, 27).

October—Friction at Adyar Headquarters mainly due to the peculiar attitude and fancied grievances of Mr. A. J. Cooper-Oakley (ODL., IV, 28).

October—G. B. Finch resigns his office as President of the Blavatsky Lodge in London, as well as membership in the Society; other resignations follow. Main reason for the rift seems to be the determination on the part of the Lodge to carry on public propaganda for Theosophy, as H. P. B. was directed to do (Ransom, 241).


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November 1—H. S. Olcott takes over the legal and editorial responsibility for The Theosophist (ODL., IV, 29-30; Ransom, 244; Theos., IX, Nov., 1887, p. 132).

November—Office rented for the Theosophical Publishing Company on Duke Street, London (Rem., 93).

November 21—H. S. Olcott interviews the Governor of Madras, Lord Connemara, and establishes very cordial relations with him (Diaries; also ODL., IV, 29, where October is erroneously mentioned).

November 24—H. S. Olcott leaves on a lecture tour to Bangalore, accompanied by Pandit Bh‚shy‚ch‚rya; returns Dec., 2nd (ODL., IV, 31).

November—H. S. Olcott publishes his Golden Rules of Buddhism; also Bh‚shy‚ch‚rya 's Viœisht‚dvaita Catechism (ODL., IV, 31).

December 15—Lucifer publishes the famous Open Letter entitled: “ ‘Lucifer’ to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Greeting!” Shortly after, this Editorial is republished in pamphlet form (15,000 copies struck off) (Ransom, 240).

December 21—Mrs. H. Isabel Cooper-Oakley leaves Adyar, after a brief visit with her husband, and returns to London (ODL., IV, 32).

December 23—New Adyar Library is ready as far as shelving is concerned, and H. S. O. begins to transfer books there, the first one being Isis Unveiled (ODL., IV, 32).

December 27-29—Twelfth Convention and Anniversary of The Theosophical Society held at Headquarters, Adyar. The Indian National Congress meets at Madras at the same time, seriously affecting the numerical strength of the Adyar Convention (ODL., IV, 34).

Fall—The September, October, and November, 1887, issues of Lucifer, as well as the issue of January, 1888, publishes the famous “Comments on Light on the Path” signed by a triangle.

Fall (late) or Winter—William Quan Judge comes to London, at the request of H. P. B., in connection with plans concerning the formation of the Esoteric Section (Alice Leighton Cleather, in Theosophy, Vol. XI, June, 1896, p. 83).



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Path—The Path. A Magazine devoted to the Brotherhood of Humanity, Theosophy in America, and the Study of Occult


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Science, Philosophy and Aryan Literature. Published and Edited at New York by William Quan Judge. Volume II, April, 1887—March, 1888.

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