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(the period to which the material in the present volume belongs)

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December—The Theosophist publishes an outspoken protest from the pen of Rama Sourindro Gargya Deva, a high Chela, directed primarily against H. P. B., on the subject of the supposed desecration of the Masters' names. Dated from Darjîling.

Dec. 4—Dr. Franc Hartmann arrives at Madras from San Francisco, via Japan, China and Ceylon. Inspects the “Shrine.” (Report, p. 11).

Dec. 4—“Aryan Theosophists of New York” formed at New York; William Quan Judge, President. He had started to edit a paper called The Candidate (Journal, I, Feb., 1884, p. 31; Ransom, p.188) .

Dec. 5-6—Col. H. S. Olcott at Jeypore. An ascetic, Âtmaran Swami, assures him that he knows the Masters, and that eight years before, one of them, Jivan Singh Chohan, told him that arrangements had been made for two Europeans, a man and a woman, to come to India to revive the religions of the East (ODL., III, 59-60; journal, I, Jan., 1884, p. 5) .

Dec. 7—H. S. O. leaves for Baroda; thence to Gooty, via Bombay, and to Kurnool (12th); then back to Gooty, and thence to Madras (ODL., III, 60-61) .

Dec. 9—Approximate date when the Kingsford-Maitland pamphlet was released, entitled: A Letter Addressed to the Fellows of the London Lodge of The Theosophical Society, by the President and a Vice-President of the Lodge (Privately printed by Bunny and Davis, Shrewsbury, England. 39 pp.). Severe criticism of Esoteric Buddhism (ML., No. LXXXVII, p. 407; AK., II, p. 159, footnote 2; LBS., No. XXVIII, p. 64, where date of Dec. 16th is mentioned).

Dec. 9—Dr. Anna B. Kingsford receives a telegram from India, saying: “Remain President,” and signed “Koot Hoomi.” Appears to have been after the publication of the above pamphlet (AK., II, p. 159, footnote 2; ML; No. LXXXV, p. 398).

December (early)—Madras University refuses the Theosophists the use of the Senate House Hall for their Convention. Master M. advises the erection of a Pandal on the grounds of Headquarters (Ransom, p. 186; Journal, I, Jan., 1884, pp. 10-11).

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Dec. 15—Col. H. S. Olcott returns to Adyar (ODL., III, 61) .

Dec. 15—Rev. Charles Webster Leadbeater joins The Theosophical Society in London, together with Sir William and Mrs. Crookes (ED., p. 44) .

Dec. 26—At about 7 p.m., phenomenon of the appearance of five letters in the “Shrine,” four to individuals, and the fifth from Master K.H. to all the delegates of the Convention (related by S. Subramania Iyer, High Court Vakil, Madura, in Journal, I, Feb., 1884, p. 31; Conv. Letter in LMW.; I, No. 2; Theos., V, Suppl., Feb., 1884) .

Dec. 27-29—Convention at Adyar. The “Subba Row Medal” established, to be awarded by the T:S. to writers of works of outstanding merit on Eastern and Western philosophy (ODL., III, pp. 62-65; Journal, I, Jan., 1884, pp. 10-26).

December (during Convention)—Mme. Coulomb tries to extort money from Prince Harisinghji (Report, p. 27).

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Dec., 1883-Jan. 1884—The Theosophist publishes Damodar's art. “A Great Riddle Solved,” and H. P. B.'s explanation regarding methods of precipitation.

January—The first issue of the Journal of The Theosophical Society (Supplement to The Theosophist) carries announcement regarding the forthcoming publication of The Secret Doctrine, a New Version of Isis Unveiled.

Jan. 4—Col. H. S. Olcott sails for Bimlipatam; goes from there to Vizianagram. Sails for Madras, 11th. (ODL., III, pp. 67-69).

Jan. 10— (Dec. 29, 1883, old style)— H.P.B; s uncle, General Rostislav Andreyevich de Fadeyev, dies at Odessa, Russia (born at Ekaterinoslav, April 9—March 28, old style—1824) .

Jan. 20—Council meeting, at which it is decided that H. P. B. should accompany Col. Olcott to Europe, partly for reasons of her health (Vania, p. 180).

Jan. 21—Special Order issued by Col. Olcott regarding the formation of an Executive Committee to function during his absence (Theos., V, Suppl:, Feb., 1884, pp. 41-42; ODL., III, p. 71).

Jan. 21—H. S. O. leaves for Ceylon via Tuticorin; arrives there 27th (ODL., III, p. 71) .

Jan. 27—H. P. B. receives from France the French translation of Isis Unveiled; intends to correct it (Blech, pp. 125-28).

Jan. 27—T. Subba Row's reply to the Kingsford-Maitland pamphlet ready, entitled: Observations on “A Letter Addressed to the Fellows, etc.” (LBS., No. XXVIII, p. 64; ML., p. 409).

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February—The Journal carries another announcement concerning the prospective Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky assisted by T. Subba Row Garu.

February (early)— Meeting of the London Lodge at which telegram from India, signed “Koot Hoomi,” was shown, and Dr. Anna B. Kingsford confirmed in the Presidency (A.K., II, pp. 159-60).

Feb. 7—H. P. B. leaves Adyar for Kathiawar, to pay a visit to H. H. Dajiraj, Thakur Sahib of Wadhwan; accompanied by Dr. Franz Hartmann, Mohini M. Chatterji, and Mme. Coulomb (ODL., III, 73, 119; Report, p. 29; Vania, p. 180).

Feb. 10—H. P. B. and party visit Prince Harisinghji at Varel (Report, p. 30) .

Feb. 13—H. S. O. returns to Adyar from Ceylon (ODL., III, p. 73).

Feb. 15—H. S. O. leaves for Bombay, accompanied by Mr. St. George Lane-Fox (ODL., III, p. 119).

Feb. 15—H. P. B. leaves Wadhwan for Bombay (Theos., V, Suppl. April, 1884, p. 65) .

Feb. 18—H. P. B. and party meet Col. H. S. Olcott at Bombay (ODL., III, p. 73) .

Feb. 19—H. S. O. issues another Special Order, adding three more members to Executive Committee, and calling the latter Board of Control (Theos.. V, March, 1884, p. 154; also Suppl., p. 54).

Feb. 20—H. P. B. and Col. H. S. Olcott sail from Bombay for Marseilles, France, on the SS. Chandernagore (Compagnie Nationale, Captain Dumont); accompanied by Mohini M. Chatterji, Burjorji J. Padshah, S. Krishnamachari (Bawaji) and Babula, H. P. B. 's servant (Theos., V, March, 1884, p. 154; ODL., III, p. 73; Vania, p. 180) . During voyage, H. P. B. works on the French text of Isis Unveiled (ODL., III, 76 ; Blech, p.127) .

Feb. 29—Dr. Franz Hartmann returns to Adyar (Report, p. 32).

March (early— C. C. Massey's pamphlet, The Metaphysical Basis of Esoteric Buddhism, published, answering Subba Row's Observations, etc., (AK., II, p. 166).

March 2—Board of Control is to meet in H. P. B. 's room, but Monsieur Coulomb refuses to admit anyone (Report, p. 32).

March 7—Damodar asks Mme. Coulomb for the use of H. P. B.'s room, but is refused (Vania, p. 197) .

March 10 (or earlier— Mme. Coulomb tells Damodar that H. P. B. asked her husband to make trap-doors. This sets Lane-Fox and Dr. F. Hartmann investigating. Hartmann and Damodar write to H. P. B. in Paris. Row between the two Coulombs (Hastings, II, p. 77) .

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March 11—Date given in Hastings (II, p. 77) as the day when Damodar received a note from Master K. H. telling him to be charitable to Mme. Coulomb; it appears to have taken place during a session of the Board of Control (Report, p. 33; Vania, pp. 197-98).

March 11—Letter received from the Master in Mme. Coulomb's room, advising her to go to Ooty (Report, p. 33, fnote).

March 12—Date suggested by Mrs. Hastings for a letter written by Mme. Coulomb to H. P. B. warning her to beware of the consequences of a rupture (Report, p. 32).

March 12—H. P. B. and party reach Marseilles; detained by quarantine at Frioul; land early next morning, the 13th. Met by Baron J. Spedalieri, pupil of Éliphas Lévi, and Captain D. A. Courmes, of the French Navy (ODL., III, pp. 76-77; Theos., V, Suppl. May, 1884, p. 79; LBS., No. XXXIII, p. 77; No. XXXIV, p. 83).

March 15—H. P. B. and H. S. O. go to Nice, to visit Lady Caithness, Duchesse de Pomar; stay at her Palais Tiranty. Mohini and Padshah go direct to Paris (ODL., III, p. 79). While at Nice, H. P. B. seems to be in rather poor health; mentions bronchitis (LBS., No. XXXIV, p. 83) .

March 25—William Quan Judge arrives at Paris, on his way to India. “ . ordered by the Masters to stop here and help Madame in writing the `Secret Doctrine' . . :” (see his letters, in The Word, XV, April, 1912, pp. 17-18) .

March 26—Col. H. S. Olcott issues from Nice an Announcement to F. T. S. regarding a meeting to be held at the London Lodge, April 7th (an orig. copy in the Hastings' Collection).

March 27 (or poss. April 1)—Mme. Coulomb leaves Adyar for Ooty, on a vacation arranged for her by the Board (Hastings, II, p. 77; Report, p. 34) .

March 27—H. P. B. and H. S. O. leave Nice for Paris; reach Marseilles at 9:30 p.m. (ODL., III, p. 86).

March 28—Arrive at Paris, 11:00 p.m. Met by Mohini, Dr. Thurmann and W. Q. Judge. Stay at 46 rue Notre-Dame-des-Champs, provided by Lady Caithness (ODL., III, p. 86) .

March (about the time of, and probably somewhat before, H. P. B.'s arrival at Paris)-Important letter addressed to Mohini M. Chat. terji by Master K. H., and received at Paris, regarding “Upâsika” and the Chohan's consent “to survey the whole situation under her guise.” (LMW., II, No. 62, pp. 124-25).

March (late— A. P. Sinnett's reply to the Kingsford-Maitland pamphlet.

April 1—St. George Lane-Fox and Damodar go to Ooty for lecture engagements (Report, p. 34; Hastings, II, p. 78).

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April 1—Date of H. P. B.'s letter written in French to the Coulombs (Hastings, II, 97-103, translation; Vania, pp. 199-203).

April 5—H. S. O. leaves for London in company of Mohini. Stays with the Arundales, 77 Elgin Crescent, Notting Hill, London W. (ODL., III; p. 90) .

April 5—H. S. O., while in the railway carriage, gets a letter from K. H., containing warning regarding grave treason being prepared at Adyar (Inc., p. 265; LMW .,I, No. 18) .

April 5—In the evening, H. P. B. ordered by the Master to go to London by the 7:45 p.m. express next day; to stay but one day and return the next (Letters of W. Q. Judge, The Word, XV, April, 1912, p. 22) .

April 6—H. P. B. leaves Paris very suddenly, as ordered, and goes to London. Stays with the Sinnetts (Inc., p. 275).

April 7—Important meeting of the London Lodge for the election of Officers, held at Mr. Gerard Brown Finch's Chambers, Lincoln's. Inn. Finch elected President. H. P. B. makes an unexpected appearance and creates great excitement (AK., II, pp. 185-186; ED., pp. 54-57; ODL., pp. 93-94; Inc., p. 274: How. 43-45; The Word, XV, April, 1912, p. 22).

April 9—Meeting of organization of the “Hermetic Lodge T.S.” held at the Chambers of Mr. C. C. Massey. Mohini makes an address (ODL., III, p. 94; Ransom, p. 198).

April (soon after 6th— Approximate time when Countess Constance Wachtmeister met H. P. B. for the first time; probably the Keightleys also (ED., p. 57; Rem., pp. 8,12).

April (early)-H. P. B. visits Prof. Wm. Crookes' laboratory (Ransom, p. 198) .

April 15—H. P. B. returns to Paris; seems to have stayed one week in London; accompanied as far as Boulogne by Mrs. Marie Gebhard and Arthur Gebhard (Ransom, p. 198; Inc., p. 275; Vania, p. 180) .

April 15 (?)—H. P. B. in Boulogne-sur-Mer, visiting H. G. Atkinson, F. R. S. (d. Dec. 28, 1884). (Theos., VI, Suppl., Feb., 1885, p. 4),

April 15—American member of the S. P. R. gives a dinner for H. S: O. at the Junior Athenaeum Club, inviting Wm. Crookes, Prof. W. F. Barrett, A. P. Sinnett, Frank Podmore, F. W. H. Myers, Edmund Gurney (Ransom, p. 199). .

April 9-20—Col. Olcott trying to settle row in the London Lodge. Makes new Rule forbidding multiple membership in various Lodges. Almost nightly meetings aid receptions at the Sinnetts. Meets Edwin Arnold, F. W. H. Myers, William Stead, Camille Flammarion,

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Oscar Wilde, Prof. Adams, discoverer of Neptune, the Varleys, the Crookes, Robert Browning, Sir Oliver Lodge, Matthew Arnold, Lord and Lady Borthwick, C. C. Massey, Stainton Moses (“M. A. Oxon.”) (Diaries).

April 17— H. S. O. and Mohini visit Prof. Crookes' laboratory; are shown the “Radiant matter” experiments (ODL., III, p. 95; Ransom, p. 199).

April 17—H. S. O. and Mohini at Sinnetts' house in the evening for an “Inner Circle” meeting (Ransom, p. 199).

April 22—Meeting of the Hermetic Lodge T. S.; decided to surrender Charter and form a separate Society (AK., II, p. 187, fn.).

April 26—Letter from Master M. addressed to Dr. F. Hartmann dropped in Damodar's room at Ooty. Warning to act without delay. Damodar shows it to Lane-Fox, then sends it to Hartmann (Report, pp. 35-36; Hastings, II, p. 84; Vania, p. 206).

April 28—Date of Dr. Franz Hartmann's forged letter to Mme. Coulomb, written allegedly from Adyar, Mme. C. being then at Ooty. Envelop postmarked “Madras.” Letter was sent by Mme. C. to Col. Olcott in London, who received it around May 20th (Hastings, II, pp. 82-83; Report, p. 35).

April 29—Affidavit of Damodar re the Coulombs (Vania, p. 209).

April—H. P. B. held discussions at various homes, while at Paris, and their gist was embodied by Lady Caithness in her book The Mystery of the Ages (London: Wallace, 1887. 8vo.). (Ransom,
p. 196).

May 2—H. S. O. goes to Oxford at the invitation of Lord Russell; gives a talk before a number of his host's College friends; spends an evening with F. W. H. Myers, at Cambridge (Ransom, p. 199) .

May 4—Meeting of the Société Théosophique d'Orient et d'Occident at the residence of Lady Caithness, at Paris; H. P. B. present (Theos., V, Aug., 1884, pp. 260-61).

May 6—Mme. Coulomb, Lane-Fox and Damodar return to Adyar from Ooty (Report, p. 38; Hastings, II, p. 85).

May 7—Letters from both Coulombs to H. P. B. regarding “intrigues” at Adyar (Rpt. Inv., p. 129; Hastings, II, pp. 85-86; Vania, pp. 206-07) .

May 8—H. S. O. present at a meeting of the S. P. R., Cambridge (FRC).

May 9—Hermetic Society formed at the res. of Captain Francis Lloyd, 43 Rutland Gate, London; H. S. O. present (ODL., III, p. 97; Theos., V, Suppl., July, 1884, p. 99; AK., II, p. 187; prospectus in Light, 1884, p. 186; rev. one in AK., II, p. 195) .


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May 10-Countess of Caithness offers a Theosophical conversazione in the Faubourg Saint Germain. H. P. B. and Mohini are present (Theos., V, Aug., 1884, p. 259, quoting London World; Judge's letter to H. S. O. in PO., 9 ff.).

May 11—Col. H. S. Olcott has his first sitting and examination with Messrs. F. H. W. Myers and J. Herbert Stack, a Committee of the S. P. R. Mohini and A. P. Sinnett examined also (ODL., III, p. 100; FRC.; Ransom, n. 200).

May 13—H. P. B. and W. Q. Judge go to Enghien to visit Count and Countess d'Adhémar de Cronsac in their Château Écossais (Bertram Keightley in Hodgson, p. 357; Judge in Lucifer, VIII, p. 359). Judge busy marking up copy of Isis Unveiled for H. P. B.'s work (Rem., p. 102; Judge as above; LBS., p. 313). H. P. B. stays there about 2 weeks.

May 13—H. S. O. appoints a Board of Control for America (Theos., V, Suppl., July, 1884, p. 100).

May 14—Bertram Keightley, Cooper-Oakley and Mohini join H. P. B. at Enghien (BK. in Hodgson, p. 357).

May 14—Date of Dâmodar's official letter to Mme. Coulomb notifying her about General Council's proposed meeting same evening (Vania, p. 207) .

May 14 (Wedn., 6 p.m.)—General Council the T. S. at Adyar lays twelve charges of serious misdemeanor against the Coulombs. Committee appointed to take possession of the property belonging to the Society and to request the Coulombs to leave the premises (Report, pp. 39-41; Vania, pp. 207-10; ODL., III, p. 180; Theos., V, Suppl., June, 1884, p. 91) .

May (middle)—Approximate time when Countess Constance Wachtmeister met H. P. B., having gone to Enghien where she was staying. H. P. B. goes to Paris with her the same day for a dinner engagement, and returns to Enghien, the Countess going there the next day (Rem., pp. 12-14).

May 15—Letter from Damodar to Mme. Coulomb, after Council's meeting, about severance of connections (Vania, p. 210).

May 15 (?)—Subba Row, acting as the Society's lawyer, demands of Mme. Coulomb a retraction of her malicious gossip to members. She answers on the 16th (Hastings, II, p. 89).

May 16—Monsieur Coulomb tells Damodar about secret passages behind the “Shrine,” and that he would not give up the keys to the rooms (Coulomb, p. 109, Damodar's affidavit; Hastings, II, p. 88).

May 17—Damodar receives cable from H. P. B., sent at the request of the Board, authorizing Dr. F. Hartmann to have exclusive posses. sion of her room and the Occult room, and demanding removal of the Coulombs from the premises (Vania, p. 210).


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May 18—Date given by Dr. F. Hartmann, quoting Report of Executive Committee of General Council, for the examination of the room of H. P. B. Coulomb hands over the keys. Says trapdoors were all made by order of H. P. B. (Report, pp. 41-44; Vania, p. 249) .

May 18—Coulombs receive cable from H. P. B.: “Sorry you go prosper.” (Varia, p. 211) .

May (middle— Nadyezhda Andreyevna de Fadeyev and Vera Petrovna de Zhelihovaky, H. P. B: s aunt and sister, arrive at Paris to visit her (Inc., p. 264, quoting Vera P. Z.).

May (?)—Vsevolod Soloviov arrives at Paris.

May 20 (8th, old style—Phenomenon of musical chords in the presence of Dr. Thurmann, at Paris (Inc., pp. 265-66; Rebus; No. 28, July 15 (o.s.), 1884, pp. 264-65, art. by Vera P. Zhelihovsky).

May (before 25—Monsieur Coulomb tells Dr. Hartmann privately that he had been promised 10,000 Rupees, if he would ruin the Society (Report, p. 4?).

May 25—The Coulombs leave Headquarters (Vania, p. 211).

May 27 —H. S. O. examined again by the S. P. R. (FRC.).

May 28—H. S. O. attends a large public meeting of the S. P. R. (Ransom, p. 200).

May 30—H. S. O. goes to Paris to stay with H. P. B. for about a fortnight (ODL., III, p. 151; Inc., p. 265, quoting V. P. Zhelihovsky).

May (or June ?— Approximate time when Mrs. Laura Langford Holloway comes over from America to London; stays first with the Arundales, then with the Sinnetts (ED., p. 58).

June 3—Charter of the Société Scientifique des Occultistes de France cancelled by Special Order of -Col. Olcott, issued at Paris and signed for him by Mohini M. Chatterji; charter was held by Dr. Fortin (Theos., V. Suppl., Aug., 1884, p. 113; Ransom, p. 201) .

June 3—The Société Théosophique des Spirites de France, a “provisional organization,” is abolished, as Monsieur P. G. Laymarie is found unfit to be President; Order issued and signed as the one above (ditto).

June (early)—The Société Théosophique d'Orient et d'Occident reorganized as a Branch of the Parent Society (Blech, p. 143; Histoire des Religions, Vol. X, Nos. 1-2, July-Aug., and Sept: Oct., 1884, art. “La Nouvelle Theosophie,” by I. Baissac).

June 7—H. S.O. makes acquaintance of Prof. 'Charcot, at the Hospice de la Salpêtrière, Paris (ODL., III, p. 153).

June 9—Mohini present at the S. P. R. meeting, Cambridge (FRC.).

June 10—Mohini examined by the S. P. R. (FRC.).

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June 11—Date given for H. P. B.'s phenomenon of reading a sealed letter from Russia, in a document dated Paris, June 21st, 1884, and signed by Vera P. Zhelihovsky, Vsevolod Soloviov, Nadezhda A. Fadeyev, Emilie de Morsier, William Q. Judge, and Henry S. Olcott. Document published in Light, July 12, 1884. (Inc., 269-72; Theos., V. Suppl., Sept., 1884, p. 127; V. Soloviov's account in Rebus, No. 26, July 1/13, 1884, transl. in Inc., 272-73).

June 13—H. S. O. returns to London from Paris, accompanied by W. Q. Judge, who is on his way to India (ODL., III, p. 155).

June 13—A. P. Sinnett examined by the S. P. R. (FRC.).

June (early—H. S. O. institutes a competition between certain London F. T. S.-artists, to try and make a painting of the Adepts (ODL., III, p. 155) .

June 19—Hermann Schmiechen, German painter, begins portrait of K. H. (?); completes it July 9. H. P. B. present on one occasion (ODL., III, pp. 156-57; The Word, Vol. XV, July, 1912, pp. 200-206, account of Mrs. Laura L. Holloway). Uncertainty exists as to whether H. P. B. attended the first “sitting” or some other one; and whether the first portrait was the one of Master K. H. or M.

June 19—Date (June 7, old style) of the document issued by the Tiflis Department of Police concerning H. P. B.'s character and deportment while in the Caucasus. This was done at H. P. B. 's own request through her friend, Prince A. M. Dondukov-Korsakov (MPI., orig. ed. only, pp. 62-63; letter from H. P. B. to Nadyezhda de Fadeyev, approx. date being end of July, 1884). Vide DONDUKOV in Bio-Bibliogr. Index.

June (middle—H. S. O. superintends the passage through the press of his volume of collected lectures: Theosophy, Religion and Occult Science (George Redway, London). (Theos., V, Suppl., Aug., 1884, p. 108.)

June 20—H. S. O. at Schmiechen's (Diaries).

June 23—ditto.

June 26—H. S. O. meets in London Prof. Elliott Coues, of the Smithsonian Institute, at Mme. Isabel de Steiger's reception (Ransom, p. 201).

June 26—H. S. O. at Schmiechen's (Diaries).

June 27—Dinner at Countess de Barreau's (V. P. de Zhelihovaky in Rebus, No. 50, 1884, pp. 466-67).

June 29—Nadyezhda A. de Fadeyev and Vera P. de Zhelihovsky leave Paris for home (as above, and MG., p. 55).

June 29—H. P. B. goes to London for the Prince's Hall performance (Ransom, p. 201; Inc., p. 275; Kingsland, p. 200). Spends night

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at Boulogne. Accompanied by Mohini and Babula. Stays at home of the Arundales, 77 Elgin Crescent, Notting Hill (MG., pp. 29 ff.).

June (end—W. Q. Judge leaves London for India (Ransom, p 203).

June 30—H. P. B., H. S. O., and the Sinnetts go to the meeting of the S. P. R.; H. S. O. makes an unsolicited speech, shows his “Buddha on wheels,” and makes an unfavorable impression on everybody. H. P. B. has a violent argument with him at Sinnetts' house (ED., pp. 59-60; LBS., No. XLV, p. 102; No. XLVI, p. 113).

July 6—H. S. O. has lunch with Schmiechen (Diaries).

July 9—H. P. B. and H. S. O. go to Schmiechen to see portrait of the Master. Entry in Diary is: “The portrait of our Master enchants us,” which would indicate it is Master M.'s painting.

July 10—Date when H. S. O. remailed to Dr. Hartmann the forged letter and found on it a few lines in the handwriting of Master M., declaring the letter to be a forgery (Hastings, II, p. 83; Report,
pp. 53-54; LA., pp. 17-19) .

July (early— Mrs. Laura L. Holloway moves over to the Arundales. Friction ensues between her and H. P. ‘B. (ED., pp. 61-62) .

July 15—W. Q. Judge arrives at' Bombay (Ransom, p. 203).

July (middle— H. S. O. goes on a visit to the seat of Lord Borthwick, Ravenstone, in Wigtonshire, Scotland. Organizes the Scottish T.S. at Edinburgh, the 17th (ODL., III, p. 160).

July 18—W. Q. Judge delivers his first lecture in Bombay, on “Theosophy and the Destiny of India.” (Theos., V, Suppl., Sept., 1884, p. 128) .

July ? — H. P. B., Mohini and Francesca Arundale go to Cambridge; stay several days in a small lodging near Union 'Society (MG., p. 32). Acc. to Mrs. Holloway's account (repr. in Can. Theos., XXI, Aug., 1940, pp. 179-80 where the source is given as Omaha Bee, Oct. 13, 1888), H. P. B. went there on the invitation of the S. P. R., and said that she came “to select the instrument through which the Society is to suffer.” She also indicated that Hodgson would be the man that S. P. R. will send to India (implied in LBS., XLIV, p. 100; also p. 115).

The Omaha Bee date proved to be a wrong one; attempted verification brought negative results. As the statements are of considerable historical interest, it is hoped that further research will disclose the correct date of this account, and the original source definitely ascertained.

July ? — Afternoon reception at .the house of the Arundales described by Mrs. Campbell-Praed in her novel, Affinities. Sir Oliver Lodge and Mme. Olga de Novikov present (ODL., III, pp. 158-59).

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July ? — Dr. Anna Bonus Kingsford meets H. P. B.; goes for a drive with her (AK., II, pp. 203-04).

July 21—Open meeting of the London Lodge T. S. at Prince's Hall, Piccadilly, intended as a farewell demonstration to H. P. B. and H. S. O. (ODL., III, pp. 162-63, where wrong date is given; Theos., VI, Oct., 1884, pp. 12-13; H. P. B.'s letter to Nad. de Fadeyev).

July 23—H. S. O. leaves London for Elberfeld, Germany, planning to visit a number of cities (ODL., III, p. 164; Theos., VI, p. 13). Apparently takes with him Masters' paintings.

July 24—H. S. O. reaches Elberfeld; stops at the Gebhards; Mrs. Franz Gebhard paints his portrait (Dairies).

July 26—In Light (Vol. IV, No. 186, pp. 307-09) of that date there is published an article by C. C. Massey, embodying his reasons for resigning from the T. S. 'Says his resignation has been forwarded to the proper quarters. This has bearing upon the organization of an “Inner Group” a short time after.

July 27—Germania Theosophical Society founded in the “Occult Room” of the Gebhards' home, 12 Platzhoffstrasse; Dr. Wm. Hiibbe-Schleiden of Hamburg elected President. (Theos., VI., Suppl., Oct., 1884, p. 140; Diaries). See GEBHARD in Bio-Bibl. Index.

July(?)—Approximate time, when Mohini M. Chatterji and Mrs. Laura Langford Holloway wrote Man: Fragments of Forgotten History, apparently at .the home of the Arundales (MG., p. 43). H. P. B. seems to have been opposed to that joint labor (Vide letter of H. P. B. to W. Q. Judge, Jan. 27, 1887, and her letter to H. S. O., July 14,1886); publ. by Reeves and Turner, London, 1885.

July—During her stay in London, H. P. B. had a dark agate stone cut with the two interlaced triangles and the Sanskrit word Sat. This was her own design. By permission from H. P. B. Miss Francesca Arundale had a similar stone cut for herself. H. P. B.'s stone was set on a heavy gold ring; the other one on a lighter ring. H. P. B.'s ring was mounted on a frame with hinge, so as to be the lid for a very shallow locket. (See F. Arundale's account given to C. Jinarâjadâsa, in Theos., LII, Aug., 1931, p. 662, where
further details are given.)

July (later part or early August—.Petition to the Masters by members of the London Lodge, for the formation of an “Inner Group,” and the Masters' answers thereon (MG., pp. 27-28; LMW., I, No. 5). Vide facsimiles on pp. 252-54 of present volume.

Aug. 1—H. S.O. leaves Elberfeld with Dr. Wm. Hiibbe-Schleiden, and goes to Dresden. Letter from K. H. received by the doctor in the railway carriage (ODL., III, pp. 167-68; LMW., II, No. 68) ; Inc., pp. 277-79, for Dr. H.-S.'s letter to H. P. B.; Vania, pp. 188-

Page xxxv

89). H. S. O. visits Beyreuth, Munich (5th), Ambach, Stuttgart, Kreuznach, Heidelberg, Mainz, Köln, and returns to Elberfeld the 15th (ODL., III, 167-74).

Aug. 9—Letter of Mme. Olga A. Novikov, née Kireyev, addressed to A. P. Sinnett, describing a phenomenon of musical chords produced by H. P. B. at the Arundales “a few days ago.” (Inc., pp. 276-77; MG., p. 38). Vide NOVIKOV in Bio-Bibliogr. Index.

Aug. 9—Date given by the Editor of The Christian College Magazine (Madras), October, 1884, when Mme. Coulomb communicates for the first time with him. In its issue of Feb., 1890, however, date of July 1884 is given for handing over a batch of letters to the Editor (Vania, p. 251; and H. P. B. mentions May 1885, in LBS., p. 110) .

Aug. 9—H. P. B. and Mohini present at the S. P. R. meeting, Cambridge (FRC.).

Aug. 10—W. Q. Judge reaches Adyar (Ransom, p. 203).

Aug. 15—Damodar appears in his “astral,” in the evening, in the drawing-room of the Arundales' home. Telegram to him asking for reply (Vide Letter from B. J. Padshah to F. W. H. Myers, Aug. 16, 1884, in Hodgson, pp. 388-89, 390).

Aug. 16—Babula leaves England for India, on acc. of wife's illness (as above).

Aug. 16—H. P. B., Mrs. Laura L. Holloway, Mohini, Bertram Keightley, Mrs. Arundale, Miss F. Arundale, George Arundale, leave London for Elberfeld, Germany, and stay at the mansion of Consul Gustav Gebhard and Marie Gebhard. They go via Queensborough and Flushing. (ODL., III, p. 174; Diaries; Hodgson, p. 390). Arrive at destination the 17th.

Aug. 18—Birthday party in honor of Consul Gustav Gebhard (Theos., VI, Suppl., Oct., 1884, p. 143, where wrong month is given).

Aug. 24—Date when Vsevolod Soloviov leaves Paris for Brussels (Vania, p. 446).

Aug. 26—Vsevolod Soloviov and Miss Justine de Glinka arrive at Elberfeld (MPI., trans., pp. 74-76).

Aug. 26—Evening when V. Soloviov saw the portraits of both Masters at H. P. B.'s, at Elberfeld (MPI., transl., pp. 76-79). Visited in the night by Master M. (ditto, pp. 79-81; ODL., III, p. 178, where date of September 1st is given for this event).

Aug. 30 (?)—H. P. B. gravely ill, with one hand “like a log.” Expects doctor from London (MPl., transl., pp. 87-88).

Page xxxvi

Aug. 30 (?)—V. Soloviov undertakes to go over H. P. B.'s story, The Enigmatical Tribes of the Blue Hills, which she had just finished (as above).

Aug. 31—F. W. H. Myers comes to Elberfeld. Works on H. P. B.'s MSS. Also Dr. Myers, his brother, to express opinion on 'H. P. B.'s condition (Diaries; MPI, transl., p. 90; Vania, p. 450).

Sept. 1—V. Soloviov leaves Elberfeld (Diaries).

Sept ? — Nadyezhda A. de Fadeyev and Gustav Zorn arrive at Elberfeld.

Sept. 10—Madras Times publishes advance information regarding the forthcoming articles on “The Collapse of Koot Hoomi.” (Report, pp. 55-56) .

Sept. 10—Lugubrious letter received from Damodar about another missionary plot (ODL., III, p. 179; Diaries).

Sept. 11—H. Schmiechen arrives at Elberfeld to alter portraits of the Masters (Diaries).

Sept. 11—Date of issue of the September Christian College Magazine, Madras, India, with the first installment of the article entitled “The Collapse of Koot Hoomi,” containing fifteen forged letters
of H. P. B. (LA., p. 7, where date is given). Second installment appeared in the October issue.

Sept. 14—Letter signed by over 300 students of the Madras Christian College, protesting attack on the Founders of the T. S. (Report, pp. 59-50; Theos., Suppl., March, 1885).

Sept. 15—H. Schmiechen begins portrait of H. P. B. Apparently paints two of them (Diaries; Ransom, p. 203) . One is dated 1885.

Sept. 15—Cable received from Madras about Coulomb “explosion.” (Diaries; Letter from H. S. O. to F. Arundale, Sept. 23, 1884) .

Sept. 20—Babula arrives at Adyar from Europe (Hodgson, p. 227).

Sept. 23—London Times’ Calcutta correspondent cables about the Coulomb exposé (ODL., III, p. 181; Diaries).

Sept. 24—St. George Lane-Fox arrives from India (Ransom, p. 204).

Sept. 25—H. Schmiechen leaves for London (Diaries).

Sept. 27—H. P. B. resigns position of Corresponding Secretary of the T. S. (Theos., VI., Suppl., May 1885, p. 195). Withdraws it later.

Sept. 27—At the invitation of Maj: Gen. H. R. Morgan, Rev. George Patterson, Rev. Alexander, J. D. B. Gribble, of the Madras Civil Service, and Mr. Padfield, visit the Adyar Headquarters and see the “Shrine”; they also compare the forged letters with some others (Vania, 232; Hodgson, 225; Bombay Gazette, Sept. 29, 1884).

Page xxxvii

Sept. 28—N. A. de Fadeyev and G. Zorn leave Elberfeld. H. S. O. goes to Bonn (Diaries).

Sept. 28—Dr. F. Hartmann cables H. S. O. to return to Adyar (Diaries) .

September—The Theosophist (p. 304) mentions the MSS of Part I of The Secret Doctrine as having arrived from London. Promises the first installment to be out by the middle of month.

September ? —Phenomenon of the letter addressed to Consul Gustav Gebhard, and which fell from behind a picture on the wall in the drawing-room at Elberfeld (Hodgson, pp. 385-87; Inc., pp. 279-88).

September or early October—The “Shrine” is burnt in the presence of Dr. Franz Hartmann, owing to the fact of its having been desecrated and being of no further use (Hodgson, p. 225).

October—The Theosophist postpones again the appearance of The Secret Doctrine installments; mentions H. P. B.'s probable return to India.

Oct. 2—The Sinnetts arrive at Elberfeld. Council meeting (ED., p. 73; Diaries).

Oct. 3—H. S. O. leaves Elberfeld for London, accompanied by Bertram Keightley and Mohini (ED., p. 75; Diaries).

Oct. 4 (or 5 ?—H. .P. B., Mrs. L. L. Holloway, Rudolf Gebhard, leave Elberfeld for London, via Flushing (ED., 74-75).

Oct. 5—T. S. Council meeting in London (Diaries).

Oct. 6—H. P. B. and party arrive in London; H. P. B. appears to have stayed with the Oakleys (Diaries; Lucifer, VIII, June, 1891, p. 278 ) .

Oct. 8—H. S. O. visits H. Schmiechen's studio, with Lady Caithness and Spencer Cooper (Diaries).

Oct. 10—A. P. Sinnett receives letter from K. H. regarding treason at Adyar (ML., p. 367 ff.).

Oct. 15—H. S. O. leaves London for Paris (Diaries).

October (middle—Council of 'the London Lodge issues pamphlet entitled: The Latest Attack on the Theosophical Society, containing H. P. B.'s statement on the Coulomb letters.

Oct. 20—H. S. O. sails from Marseilles, France, for Bombay, on the SS. Colombo, accompanied by Rudolf,Gebhard (Diaries).

Oct. 31—Date of the First Letter from Master K. H. to C. W. Lead. beater (LMW., I, No. 7; How, pp. 59-60).

October (?)—Idyll of the White Lotus, by Mabel Collins, published.

Page xxxviii

October ? —H. P. B. meets -Mabel Collins (Mrs. Kenningale Cook), after she had completed the above book (Light, IX, June 8, 1889, p. 277), and shortly before H. P. B. ',s departure for India.

Oct. 31—H. P. B. leaves London for Liverpool and boards the SS. Clan Drummond. Accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Cooper-Oakley. She is on her way to Adyar, via Alexandria and Port Said (How, pp. 64-67; ED., p. 76, gives Nov. 1st as date of departure; H. P. B. in Light, IX, June 8, 1889, p. 277, gives the wrong date of Nov. 11) .

October—Dr. Franz Hartmann's Report of Observations Made during a Nine Months Stay at the Headquarters of The Theosophical Society at Adyar (Madras), India published (Madras: Scottish Press, Graves, Cookson and Co., 60 pp.).

October (end)-J. D. B. Gribble issues his Report of an Examination into the Blavatsky Correspondence, etc. (Madras: Pr. by Haig. ginbo.tham and Co., 1884) . Postscript dated Oct. 20, 1884. (Vania, p. 251) .

Nov. 10—H. S. O. arrives at Bombay, with Rudolf Gebhard (Diaries).

Nov. 11—H. S. O. exhibits Masters' paintings at Full meeting of the T. S., Bombay (Diaries).

Nov. 15—H. S. O. reaches' Madras (ODL., III, p. 184).

Nov. 15—W. Q. Judge sails for the U.S.A. from Liverpool, on British steamer SS. Wisconsin; reaches New York Nov. 26th (Canadian Theosophist, XX, April, 1939, p. 35) .

Nov. 17—H. S. O. dissolves Board of Control (Journal, I, Dec., 1884, p. 162) .

Nov. 17—H. P. B. at Port Said. Joined by C. W. Leadbeater who sailed independently (How, p. 67; Mrs. Oakley in Lucifer, VIII, June, 1891, p. 279).

Nov. 18 (?)—H. P. B. receives orders to proceed to Cairo, instead of waiting at Port Said for steamer to Ceylon. Goes down the Suez Canal as far as Ismailia in small tug-boat (How, pp. 70-76).

Nov. ? —Takes train from Ismailia to Cairo, where she stops at the Hotel d'Orient, formerly kept by the Coulombs, in the Ezbekieh Square. Stays several days, gathering data on the Coulombs (Vania, p. 242). Dinner with Egypt's Prime Minister, Nubar Pasha, an Egyptologist; goes to the Vice-reine's reception (How, pp. 76-83; Ransom, p. 205; Mrs. Oakley in Lucifer, VIII, June, 1891, pp. 278-79) .

Nov. 19—H. S. O. begins to rebuild the Occult Room at Adyar. Says in his Diaries: “Tore down the Shrine’” by which he means the Occult Room itself. (Vide letter of H. S. O. to F. Arundale, April 1, 1885, in Theos., October, 1932; and his letter of Nov. 25, 1884, in Theos., Aug., 1932, p. 595).

Page xxxix

Nov. 20—H. S. O. cables H. P. B. to return (Diaries).

Nov. 20 (or earlier— H. P. B. visits the Bulak Museum with G. Maspero and gives him valuable data on Pharaohs (How, p. 83; Mrs. Oakley in Lucifer, VIII, June, 1891, p. 278) .

Nov. ? —H. P. B., accompanied by Mrs. Cooper-Oakley alone, leaves for Suez, to board the British India SS. Navarino, on her way to Ceylon. Mr. Oakley stays in Cairo to secure police records re the Coulombs. C. W. Leadbeater joins H. P. B. at Suez, having gone first to Port Said, then down the canal (How, p. 95; Mrs. Oakley in Lucifer, VIII, June, 1891, pp. 278-79).

Dec. 1—H. S. O. sails for Ceylon with Dr. Hartmann (Diaries).

Dec. 17—H. P. B., Mrs. Cooper-Oakley and C. W. Leadbeater reach Colombo, Ceylon. Met by H. S. O. and Hartmann. Stay there a couple of days. Leadbeater takes pansil from Buddhist High Priest. Sail for Madras on the same steamer (Diaries; How, pp. 100-107).

Dec. 18—Richard Hodgson reaches Madras (Vania, p. 252).

Dec. 21—H. P. B. and party reach Madras; met by a large group of students of the Pachiappa College. H. P. B. makes one of her very rare speeches (Ransom, p. 205; Inc., pp. 292-93; Vania, pp. 24346; How, pp. 99, 111-19).

Dec. 22—R. Hodgson visits Adyar (Diaries).

Dec. 23—Mme. Coulomb's pamphlet against H. P. B. published. Entitled: Some Account of my Association with Madame Blavatsky from 1872 to 1884 (publ. for the Proprietors of the Madras Christian College Magazine by Elliot Stock, London; dated November 29, 1884). (Diaries.)

Dec. 24—Dr. Anna B. Kingsford and Edward Maitland resign from the London Lodge (AK., II, pp. 221-24).

Dec. 27—Convention at Adyar. H. S. O. makes statement regarding H. P. B. and her desire for a lawsuit against Coulombs (.Letter from H. S. O. to F. Arundale, Dec. 31, 1884, in Theos., Sept., 1932, pp. 727-28) .

December—Committee, proposed by T. Subba Row, formed at Adyar to receive and direct further Esoteric Teachings and to transmit them to the Inner Group (London) and Branches. Masters consent to detail a special group of their Chelas to give material to this Committee through Subba Row and Damodar. Comm. composed of: H. S. Olcott, T. Subba Row, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Cooper-Oakley, S. Ramaswami Iyer (Ransom, p. 206; letter from H. S. O. to F. Arundale, Dec. 31, 1884, in Theos., Sept., 1932, p. 728; also his letter of Jan. 7, 1885, ibid., p. 729).

December—Formation at Adyar of a Committee of Defence (ODL., III, p. 192 ; Vania, p. 245) .

Page xl

December—The Theosophist prints special notice signed by H. S. O. (dated Nov. 27) explaining delay in the publication of first installment of The Secret Doctrine, and stating that “the Introduction and First Chapter are in type.”

December—The Russkiy Vestnik (Russian Messenger), Moscow, publishes the first installment of H. P. B.'s Enigmatical Tribes of the Blue Hills (Vol. 174, December, 1884, pp. 639-73; cont. in Jan., Feb., Mch., and Apr., 1885).

December (?)—Major-General H. R. Morgan issues his Reply to a Report of an Examination by J. D. B. Gribble (Ootacamund: Ob. server's Press, 1884. 8vo.).

December ? —The S. P. R., London, issues its First (Confidential) Report on Phenomena and H. P. B.

1 8 8 5

Jan. 2—Richard Hodgson examines H. P. B. re Coulomb letters (Diaries).

Jan. 3—R. Hodgson leaves for Madras to take the Coulomb side of the story. W. T. Brown leaves for San Francisco, after two years in India (Diaries).

Jan. 9—H. P. B. gets from Master M. the plan for her Secret Doctrine (ODL., III, pp. 199-200; Diaries).

Jan. 14—H. S. O. and C. W. Leadbeater sail for Burma on SS. Asia (Diaries; How, p. 132).

Jan. 28—H. S. O. recalled by dispatch from Damodar, at about 1:27 a.m., on acc. of H. P. B.'s very serious condition. Sails on the SS. Oriental; C. W. L. stays behind (ODL., III, p. 206; Diaries; How, pp. 137-38) .

Jan. 31—Date of H. P. B. 's Last Will and Testament. Original removed to the High Court of Judicature at Madras, August 30th, 1892.

February (or early March—Report of the Result of an Investigation into the charges against Madame Blavatsky, etc., issued by the General Council of The Theosophical Society. Dated January 27, 1885.

Feb. 5—H. P. B. in critical condition. .H. S. O. arrives from Burma. Master M. comes and restores H. P. B. to relative health (the date may be uncertain by a day or two either way). (ODL., III, pp. 207-08; Diaries; How, p. 138; letter of H. S. O. to F. Arundale, Feb. 9, 1885, in Theos., Sept., 1932, p. 732; letter from H. P. B. to W. Q. Judge, Feb. 23, 1887; possibly How, pp. 152-55, where appearance of M. is described). Vide H. P. B.'s pencil note on pp, 325-326 of present volume.

Feb. (approx. 5th— Trouble from Hartmann and Lane-Fox, attempting to supercede Col. Olcott. H. P. B. is made to sign a paper

Page xli

she disavows later (she signed it on the 5th). (How, pp. 146-47, 14,8; ODL., III, 208, 218-19) .

Feb. 7—“Note from M. that upon H. P. B.'s dying the link between the T. S. and the Masters shall remain unbroken. This to quiet Subba Row and D. K. M. . . .” (Diaries). It would appear that Subba Row and Damodar had lost heart and were gravely worried about future of the T. S. (ODL., III, p. 209; letter of H. S. O. to F. Arundale, Feb. 9, 1885, in Thos., Sept., 1932, p. 732).

Feb. 11—H. S. O. returns to Rangoon; gets there on the 19th. (Diaries).

Feb. 23—Damodar leaves for Tibet; goes first to Calcutta on the SS. Clan Grant, intending to go thence to Darjîling. Accompanied to steamer by Hartmann (ODL., III, pp. 259-60; Hartmann's own footnote in The Path, Feb., 1896, p. 333).

February (end—Central Committee, Adyar, resigns (ODL., III, p. 213).

March (?)—Light on the Path, by Mabel Collins, published. H. P. B. does not see it until summer of 1886, when Arthur Gebhard gives a copy to her, after his return from America (Light, IX, June 8, 1889, p. 278) .

March 6—H. S. O. telegraphed to return again. Bad turn of affairs in conn. with Coulomb. Leaves the 11th, on the SS. Himalaya (Capt., Mr. Allen). (ODL., III, p. 214; How, pp. 141-42; Diaries.)

March 8—Damodar reaches Benares on his journey (ODL., III, p. 261) .

March 14—Under the direction of A. O. Hume, a small group consisting of himself, S. Raghunath Row, T. Subba Row, and others, meet and form a Resolution embodying a number of clauses distinctly contrary to the principles of the Society and subversive of its then existing set up. Suggestions amount to a complete re-organization of the Society along scientifico-philosophical lines, with complete disregard of both Col. Olcott and H. P. B. Ap. parently this “rebellion” dies down, and suggestions are not followed. (Ransom, 221-22).

March 17—F. G. Netherclift, London handwriting expert, issues his statement on the Blavatsky-Coulomb documents (Vania, pp. 295-96) .

March 19—H. S. O. returns to Adyar (Diaries).

March 21—Date of H. P. B.'s letter of resignation from position of Corresponding Secretary of the T. S., addressed to the General Council (Theos., VI., Suppl., May, 1885, p. 195; ODL., III, pp. 224-25) .

March 25—Richard Hodgson calls to say goodbye; expected to sail for England the next day (Diaries). Arrived in England April 16 (Vania, p. 252) .

Page xlii

March 28—Rumor concerning a threat of a suit by the Coulombs against General Morgan (ODL., III, p. 222; Diaries; ED., pp. 78-79).

March 29—H. P. B. hands in her resignation. Discusses plan to go abroad (ODL., III, p. 222; Diaries).

March 31—H. P. B. sails for Naples, accompanied by Miss Mary Flynn, Bawaji (Dharbagiri Nath), and Dr. Franz Hartmann. First on the SS. Tibre (Messageries Co.) to Colombo, Ceylon, and from there (April 6) on the SS. Pei Ho (ODL., III, p. 222; Diaries; Theos., VI, Suppl., May, 1885, p. 195; Now, pp. 147-48; letter of H. S. O. to F. Arundale, April 1, 1885, in Theos., October, 1932; H. P. B.'s letter to H. S. O., April 11,1885).

March—Letter from H. P. B. to Judge N. D. Khandalawala, written while yet at Adyar, in which she says that she has “just refused” a contract of 40,000 francs a year from Katkoff, Editor of the Russkiy Vestnik, Moscow (Theos., Vol., XLVII, July, 1926, excerpts only).

April I—Damodar reaches Darjiling (ODL, III, p. 263).

April—While on her voyage to Naples, H. P. B. frequently gets on open sea many pages of MSS. for her Secret Doctrine in an occult manner (Vide letter of Dr. F. Hartmann to Mrs. Vera Johnston, June 2, 1893, in Rem., p. 109) .

April 7—H. S. O. submits measure to Council re formation of an Executive Committee (ODL., III, pp. 226-27; Ransom, p. 223) .

April 13—H. P. B. reaches Aden (her letter to H. S. O., April 11, 1885; Lloyd's of London records).

April 12—Local members of the General Council, T. S., meet at Adyar, upon H. S. O.'s invitation, to take resolution regarding the acceptance of H. P. B.'s resignation (ODL., III, p. 223; Theos., VI, Suppl., May, 1885, p. 195) .

April 13—Damodar leaves Darjîling for Tibet (ODL., III, p. 263).

April 14—H. S. O. writes Circular to Branches re H. P. B.'s retirement (Theos., VI, Suppl., May, 1885, p. 195).

April 18—General Council decides to finish rebuilding of the former “Shrine room” upstairs in Headquarters building (ODL., III, p. 246).

April 23—H. P. B. and party reach European shores. Land at Naples, Italy (Lloyd's of London records).

April 23—Last entry in Damodar’s Diaries (ODL., III, p. 265).

April 24—H. P. B. and party arrive at Torre del Greco, Italy, stopping at Hôtel del Vesuvio (letter from her to V. Soloviov, in MPI, transl., pp. 118-20) .

Page xliii

May (early)—Mrs. Cooper-Oakley leaves India owing to health (ODL., III, p. 235) .

May 29—General meeting of the S. P. R.; Hodgson gives a summary of his conclusions after returning from Adyar; another meeting held June 24th (ED., p. 65; Vania, p. 252).

May 22—Approximate .time when Dr. F. Hartmann left Torre del Greco (MPI., traps., pp. 122-27).

June-July—H. P. B. remains in Torre del Greco; is in poor health, suffering from rheumatism.

June 24—Another meeting held by the S. P. R., at which Richard Hodgson reads part of his Report on H. P. B.'s phenomena. Charles Johnston present, and calls it a “fearful meeting.” (Vide Johnston's address at the Convention of the T. S. in America, April, 1907, publ. in Theosophical Quarterly, New York, Vol. V, July, 190?).

July (?)—Sinnetts book Karma published (London: Chapman and Hall. 8vo). (LBS., p. 101.)

July (late)—H. P. B. decides to go to Germany. Is en a ed in writing Second Part of From the Caves and Jungles of Hindostan. V Soloviov about :to go to Switzerland (MPI., traps., pp. 130-31).

July (end)—V. Soloviov goes to St. Cergues, Switzerland; stops at Pension Delaigue (MPI., tr., pp. 131-32).

July (end)—H. P. B. leaves Italy for Wiirzburg, Germany; plans to take curative waters at Bad-Kissingen; .is going via Rome and Verona (MPI., tr., pp. 132-33 ) .

July (end)—H. P. B., Miss Flynn and Bawaji are in Rome about eight days; stay at Hôtel Anglo-Américain. Accepts Soloviov's invitation to stop at St. Cergues on her way to Germany (MPI., tr., p. 133).

July (end)—While in Rome, Dharbagiri Nath (Bawaji) goes to the Fort Sant’ Angelo, and remains for more than an hour “in the hole” where Cagliostro is supposed to have been confined (LBS., No. xlvi, p. 110 ) .

August (first days)—H. P. B., Bawaji and Mary Flynn arrive at St. Cergues. Switzerland, and spend there some eight days. Mme. E. de Morsier there also (MPI., tr., pp. 133, 142). Miss Flynn soon leaves for England.

August 8—H. P. B. and Bawaji leave St. Cergues for Würzburg, stopping on the way in Lucerne. Accompanied by V. Soloviov who remains in Lucerne and intends going to Heidelberg (MPI., tr., p. 143; LBS., p. 106; H. P. B. 's letter to Exec. C. of T. S., Aug. 7, 1885).

August (soon after 12th)—H. P. B, and Bawaji reach Würzburg, Germany; take an apartment at 6 Ludwigstrasse. Met by Mr, and

Page xliv

Mrs. Bergen from Sweden. Soon a Swiss maid, Louisa, arrives, who was hired at St. Cergues (Rem., p. 49; MPI, orig. ed., pp. 190-91) .

August (after middle)—V. Soloviov and sister-in-law arrive at Würzburg; stop at Hotel Rügmer; intend remain about a month (LBS., No. xlvii, p. 117; MPI, tr. p. 144).

September 1—Miss F. Arundale and Mohini come to Würzburg on a visit from London. So does H. P. B.'s aunt, Nadyezhda A. de Fadeyev. Bawaji goes to London with them (LBS., No. xlviii, p. 119 ; MPI, tr., pp. 172-73) .

September 7—Date of St. George Lane-Fox's letter to H. S. O. offering to buy The Theosophist. Controversy ensues very soon between H. P. B. and Col. Olcott on this subject. It comes to naught (ODL., III, pp. 322-23 ; LBS., pp. 324-25) .

September (early—V. Soloviov leaves for Paris, via Strassburg. Intends to be back in St. Petersburg Oct. 1 (MPl., tr., p. 173).

September (?)—Five Years of Theosophy published (London: Reeves and Turner, 1885. 575 pp. Index). Seems to have been compiled by Mrs. L. L. Holloway and Mohini M. Chatterji (LBS., No. lvi. p. 134).

September (end—Dr. F. Hartmann, Prof. C. W. Sellin, Dr. Wm. Hübbe-Schleiden and the Schmiechens, visiting H. P. B. at Würzburg. Franz Gebhard comes somewhat later (LBS., pp. 121, 244) .

September (late ?—The Sinnetts visiting H. P. B. “The `Secret Doctrine’ was still untouched in September 1885, when my wife and I saw her in Germany...’ (Inc., pp. 302-03).

October (early ?—Countess Constance Wachtmeister leaves Sweden and goes to Elberfeld to visit the Gebhards, on her way to Italy (Rem., p. 16).

October 8 (approx.—H. P. B. seems to have written another Will; is going to have it translated into German and legalized; mentions many letters from Master K. H. as being in a box, etc. (LBS., No. lxxxi, p. 196) .

October 10 (approx.—H. P. B. has a bad time with her heart; calls in a doctor; Hübbe-Schleiden there at the time (LBS., No. Ivi, p. 133).

October 12—Date of Sinnett's letter to the Editor of Light, protesting action of the S. P. R. (OWP., p. 3) .

October 21—H. S. O. writes to H. P. B. stating that Subba Row threatens to resign from T. S. and take with him a number of others, if H. P. B. does not desist from trying to fight against the charges made, etc. (Theos., LIV, Jan., 1933, pp. 402-06; Ransom, p. 228).

Page xlv

October 28—H. P. B. writes to H. S. O., and is apparently engaged in the writing of The Secret Doctrine (ODL., III, p. 317).

October—November-Approximate time when Mohini got involved in some romantic trouble in London; this in turn involved H. P. B. and some legal proceedings ensued which came to nothing (ED., p. 86; several letters from C. Wachtmeister to A. P. Sinnett, in LBS., pp. 265-303; MPI, or. ed. only, pp. 209 ff.).

November 3—Date of Dr. Leon Oppenheimer's Medical Certificate regarding H. P. B.'s condition (ODL., III, 319). Same subject mentioned by H. S. O. in Diaries, entry of Nov. 13th.

November-December—Approx. period when V. Soloviov gathers data re H. P. B.'s early life in Russia (MPI., tr., pp. 174-75).

December (early—Countess C. Wachtmeister joins H. P. B. at Würzburg; got a wire from H. P. B. telling her to come (Rem., p. 18; LBS., p. 278) .

December 1—Announcement regarding severance of partnership between W. Q. Judge and Arthur Gebhard, as far as ownership of The Path magazine is concerned. Judge becomes sole owner and manager thereof (Path, I, p. 288).

December 27—At Convention in Adyar, H. S. O. suggests the formation of an Oriental Library; also tenders his resignation which is refused (Theos., VII, Suppl., January, 1886).

December—Official (Second) S. P. R. Report (200 pages) on H. P. B. and phenomena published in the Society's Proceedings (Vol. III, Part IX).

December 31—H. P. B. gets the S. P. R. Report from Prof. Sellin, “on New Year's Eve.” (Rem., p. 25; letter from H. P. B. to H. S. O. Jan. 6, 1886) .


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Page xlvi

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Page xlxvii

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Page xlviii

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