Blavatsky Collected Writings Volume 9 Page 341


[Lucifer, Vol. II, No. 10, June, 1888, pp. 278, 329, 340]

[The writer, C. Pfoundes, outlining the romantic story of Genghis Khan taken from Japanese sources, speaks of “priests and initiates into the mysteries of the Ten-man-gu—Gnomes and spirits of wisdom . . .,” to which H.P.B. says:]

Called “Gnomes” probably on the same principle that certain ascetics in the trans-Himalaya regions who live in deep underground caves, are called “Spirits of the Earth.” Lha, “Spirit” or Divine Being, is the name generally given to great adepts in Thibet, as the name of Mahatma, “Great Soul,” is given to the same Initiates in India.

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[In connection with the passing of Louis Dramard, President of the Isis Branch of the T.S. in Paris]

Would that many other Theosophists should resemble Louis Dramard! Then, indeed, Theosophy would become a mighty power for good in the world! *


[In connection with a correspondent’s misconception that the Kamarupa also reincarnates]

Our correspondent is mistaken. Nothing of the “Kama-Rupa” reincarnates. As well imagine that a locket and chain we had worn all our life, or our reflection in the mirror—reincarnates. Such is not the teaching we believe in. However similar, our philosophy is not that of the Vedanta.

* Vide Bio-Bibliogr. Index, s.v. DRAMARD, for information regarding this remarkable man.—Compiler.]