Blavatsky Collected Writings Volume 9 Page 289


[Lucifer, Vol. II, No. 9, May, 1888, p. 260]

As you expressly invite correspondence with regard to subjects connected with our work, Theosophy, I beg to ask of you who are the Eurasians mentioned at p. 147 of Lucifer for April, and what are their tenets or practices? As I never heard of these before and have been consulting all my books on Hindoo religions, but cannot find any notice of them, at least under the name of Eurasians.
Fraternally yours,

Page 290

EDITORS’ NOTE.—They are the Euro (pean) asians, or half Europeans by the fathers and Asiatics—Hindus or Mussulmen—on the maternal side. They are called Eurasians in India, where they number over 1,000,000, and are also referred to as “half-castes,” etc. They are Christians, of course, and many of them are very intelligent, cultured and respectable people. Nevertheless, they are as kindly snubbed by the Anglo-Indians as are the “heathen” natives—the “niggers” of India—themselves, and more; perhaps because they are the living witnesses to the practical and high morality imported into the country together with the Gospel of Christ and the 7th commandment of the Decalogue. It has to be confessed, however, that the “snubbing” has an excuse. It must be rather annoying to the cultured Englishmen, to be continually confronted with their incarnated sins.