Blavatsky Collected Writings Volume 9 Page 23


[Lucifer, Vol. I, No. 5, January, 1888, pp. 406-7, 421-22]

Both the Idealism of Mr. Herbert Spencer, and the Hylo-Idealism of Dr. Lewins are more materialistic and atheistic than any of the honestly declared materialistic views—Büchner’s and Moleschott’s included.

we are not so far apart in our ideas upon this particular question as he seems to think. Of course my critic being an Egyptologist, opposed to the Aryan theory, and arriving at his conclusions only by what he finds in strictly authenticated and accepted documents—and I, as a Theosophist and an Occultist of a certain school, accepting my proofs on data which he rejects—i.e., esoteric teachings—we can hardly agree upon every point. But the question is not whether there was or never was an historical Christ, or Jesus, between the years 1 and 33 A.D.—but simply were the Gospels of the gnostics (of Marcion and others, for instance) perverted later by Christians—esoteric allegories founded on facts, or simply meaningless fictions? I believe the former, and esoteric teachings explain many of the allegories.—H.P.B.

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A few years—and, who knows? perhaps only few months more, and Protestant England will have reverend scientists explaining to their congregations from the pulpits that Adam and Eve were but the “missing link”—two tailless baboons.


Hence the Spirit of Non-Separateness in esoteric philosophy must be the ONE truth.
[What the Ego is, all is] Only this “Ego” is universal, not individual: Absolute Consciousness, not the human Brain.
[The highest and the lowliest are ever thus akin. . .] Then why not term the philosophy “High-Low-Idealism” vice “Hylo-Idealism”?
[. . . everything being, not so much cleansed of God, as very THEOBROMA, God’s food and nutrient element. . .] “Theobroma”—the same as cacao-butter. We take exception to the phraseology, not to Dr. Lewins’ ideas.