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Thus may be interpreted the symbolical appearance represented and described in the St. Stephen’s Review of 24th September 1887. The lion1 of the house of Judah † arises with Victoria ‡ the female principle of the victor2 of this world of ignorance, error, sin, crime and misery. The lion represents that wisdom which is the only true and lasting power on earth. He shall crush out the anarchy and confusion now so manifest in the world which is the state of ignorance existing on this earth. Without a miracle shall all this be accomplished?

* [All footnotes signed “Editor” are by H. P. B.—Compiler.]
1 It is somewhat difficult to follow the argument of this passage, unless the meaning of the words is explained. The Lion of the House of Judah is equivalent to “the Lord” and to “the Victor” mentioned below. In the writer’s phraseology “Victor is the symbol of the Trinity of Wisdom, Love, Truth.” Now the Lion is symbolical of Wisdom; but, as it is impossible to sever one element of the Trinity from another, it is necessary to remember that whenever the word wisdom is used it carries with it the other two as well. The above sentence would then seem to mean the conjunction of the male and female principles to effect the purposes of the manifestation of the Trinity above mentioned; by which manifestation all ignorance is dispelled.—Editor.
† Judah means praised; the true idea being the Lord be praised. Too much attention cannot be paid to the meanings of the words used in the sacred writings of all nations and peoples.
‡ i.e., the Queen, on whose lands the Sun never sets; it must be remembered that—”neither is the woman without the man, nor the man without the woman, in the Lord.”—(I Corinthians, xi, I 1.)
2 “And no man can say, Jesus is Lord [i.e., Victor], but in the Holy Spirit.”—(I Corinthians, xii, 3, Revised Version.) It is especially necessary to remember that whenever allusion is made to Victoria, it is not Her Most Gracious Majesty who is meant but the unseen Victoria whose outward manifestation the Queen is alleged to be. It is as though the Queen is the mouth-piece of the


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As insidious doubt has crept into the hearts of the children of men, so shall insidious truth creep in to dispel all doubt; ignorance developed into wisdom shall be the destruction of the world. 1 Ignorance is the former or lower expression of knowledge, and knowledge is the former or lower expression of wisdom—ignorance 2 is the cross—wisdom is the crown. Ignorance regarded in a true light is really an incentive to knowledge, for no man would try to attain to knowledge were he not ignorant. And no man would strive to attain to wisdom, did he not possess the knowledge which ever silently proclaims to him its crowning happiness. Wisdom is not only the celestial crown which every embodied soul is ultimately destined to possess, but it is also that particular state of Heaven called the “New Jerusalem” which shall descend from the Spirit (i.e., God, see John, iv, 24) to earth in these latter days (see Revelation, xxi).

Man was created3 an ignorant being for a great purpose, which he will ultimately realise and know. Were there no ignorance, there could be no error, without error there could be no sin. Were

intelligence behind, as the Foreign Secretary may be the mouth-piece of the Foreign policy of the Government. The language used is purely symbolical and by using words as symbols an esoteric meaning is attached to the most commonplace events in life. It is a truly occult argument, but one which matter-of-fact people will regard as nonsensical.—Editor.
1 According to the explanations of the writer (v. supra) The World signifies a state of ignorance and darkness, Taken in this sense the above sentence becomes a truism.—Editor.
2 Ignorance is the equivalent of the Body, which is the Cross. By this light the Wisdom means the life of the Spirit.—Editor.
3 To say that Man was created ignorant for a great purpose would argue the idea of a creator, according to orthodox ideas. But the writer is known to repudiate this idea entirely. It is difficult, therefore, to see what he means, unless it is that the man of flesh was ushered into existence by an evolution which he has not yet completed—ignorant, to acquire knowledge gradually.—Editor.


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there no ignorance, no sin, there could be no crime, no unhappiness, no misery existing on the earth. When, therefore, general ignorance shall succumb to the disintegrating power of universal intelligence so rapidly developing in these latter days 1 (see Daniel, xii, 4), and which is the quickening of the Spirit of God in man; then the very conditions responsible for evolving error, sin, crime, unhappiness, and misery will be entirely done away with, and thus the consummation of the age—or, as the old translation of the Bible has it, the end of the world—will be brought about as a necessary consequence of purification by the Fire of the Spirit, Truth, which is the Divine Son of the Supreme Spirit, or God. “When he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he shall guide you into all the truth” [John, xvi, 13]; then shall the princes of the House of David * arise from amongst the people to rule the nations in equity and justice, in prosperity and peace, and the reign of the One Almighty Spirit of Wisdom, Love, and Truth shall begin on earth—for the Lion (or wisdom) shall lie down with the Lamb (or innocence), and a little child (or truth, see Rev., xii, the coming man-child) shall lead them.

The soul-stirring and elevating harp of the sweet and trusting daughters of Judah 2 is hushed—no crown surmounts it; and the

1 This is a very optimistic view of the case, and we can only hope to see it realised. The article “Signs of the Times” agrees with the views of the writer of this article. There is a development going on, but the forces against which it has to contend are too dense for an early realisation of this dreamlike Golden Age. It is too good to be true; but that it is possible to help it is also true. The Kingdom of Heaven may be taken by violence, and an entrance effected in an instant, but the process of attaining the position whence the attack may be delivered, is one extending over years. No student of occultism needs to be told this.—Editor.

* David means beloved; he was the first King of Israel, chosen of the Spirit. Israel means one who strives with God—i.e., one who strives against ignorance in order that he may be blessed together with his posterity. It was a name given to Jacob when he wrestled with the Angel (Genesis, xxxii, 28), and applies to all who contend on the side of the Deity.

2 In the writer’s phraseology, Judah is the equivalent of Erin in this case. It becomes exceedingly difficult to


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angels weep and mourn over the discord now prevailing in the world. Where are the harmonious chords which, through their inherent, soft, loving and sympathetic notes once rendered powerless that enemy of man—the serpent? Lost, through the ignorance and sin of the puny-worms of this world! Yet Ireland, in common with the whole earth, shall be freed ere long from the yoke of ignorance which is so sorely oppressing all God’s creatures, for the crowned female head symbolically represents the “Sign in Heaven” which has appeared, of the Victoria or the woman * clothed with the Sun, the Divine Mother from whom will proceed the Child of Wisdom, Love and Truth, who shall rule all nations with a rod of iron, † and who shall be caught up unto God and unto His Throne. ‡

The following quotation from one of the replies to two leading articles, which appeared in the Manchester Courier of May 4th and 13th, may also tend to throw some light on the vision of the crowned female head: “The present year heralds the jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Victoria, on whose glorious Empire the sun never sets. It shall also proclaim the jubilee of another Queen Victoria, well known to the ancients as the Bride of God who awaits the arrival of the

follow his meaning, for as everything is the equivalent of everything else, we are landed in a hopeless maze of paradox. On the principle that there is no truth without a paradox, there must be a great truth in this article (as there is), but its disentanglement is a matter of much labour and thought. The line of argument is the Judah meaning “Be praised”—certain people who praised or followed the Lord (or Wisdom) were “oppressed and laid aside their harps.” There are people unjustly oppressed in Ireland, not by the outer troubles, but by the causes of the undoubted misery which prevails there. Consequently, the daughters of Judah and Erin are equivalent terms and interchangeable as symbols. The fact is that the author uses a peculiar cryptogram, as he himself states.—Editor.

* See The Mother, the Women clothed with the Sun, Vols. I and II; and also the celebrated picture of “The Woman clothed with the Sun,” by Carl Muller.

† i.e., the Sceptre that endureth.

‡ Revelation, xii.


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Bridegroom. This queen is She of Sheba *—the female principle of the one who is the Victor † of this world of ignorance and darkness, sin and crime; and He is the Solomon, ‡ or Man of Light, Truth and Life Eternal. On her glorious empire the golden rays of Love and Peace shall shine forth from the Living Sun which nevermore shall set. She is the woman clothed with the Sun, and from her will proceed the promised man-child who shall rule all nations with a rod of iron, and shall be caught up unto God and unto His Throne. Were the English nation but to realise the mighty import of the grand and everlasting truths which I now proclaim, it would, to a man, support us in that work in which we, the New Dispensationists, daily and hourly labour in the interests of a suffering humanity now being slowly ground to powder in the stern mill of social ignorance and degradation. The time has come for the promise to be made known of the fulfilment of the “Saving health of all nations”; the prophecies of the ancients relating to the ultimatum of the written Word of Truth clearly point to the present age; and the Eternal Fiat has gone forth from the Universal King: “Write, for these words are faithful and true”—“Behold, I make all things new.” (Revelation, xxi, 5.)
It is fashionable in the world to covertly sneer at the things of the Spirit, and to regard the Living God in Heaven as a Being either unable or unwilling to manifest His Almighty Power and Presence to the world in this orthodox nineteenth century. To all who may be inclined to ignorantly hold what I have here written to he the outcome of a disordered imagination I would say, in the words of Paul, an apostle: “not of men, neither by men.”—”We speak wisdom among the full-grown, yet a wisdom, not of this world, nor of the rulers of this world, which are coming to nought: but we speak God’s wisdom in a mystery, even the wisdom that hath been hidden, which God foreordained before the worlds unto our glory, which none of the Rulers of this world knoweth.” § “Now the natural man

* The Queen of the South or Zenith (i.e., the most supreme point of the Heavens) who shall rise in judgment with this generation (see Matthew, xii, 42), She’ba represents two Hebrew words (Shebhâ and Shebhà). The first of these is an obscure term, compared by Gesenius with the Ethiopic for “man”; the second signifies an oath or covenant.
† i.e., the Christ, the Messiah
‡ i.e., the man of “Sol” or the Sun. Hence, Christians worship on Sunday instead of on the Sabbath or on Saturday, as the Jews worship.
§ i.e., Theosophy, or the hidden outcome of the hidden wisdom of the ages.

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receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him; and he cannot know them, because they are spiritually examined. But he that is spiritual examineth all things, and he himself is examined of no man.” (See I Corinthians, ii, 14-15.)
The year 1887 heralds the spiritual activity which will eventually culminate in the glorious consummation of the age.