H.P. Blavatsky Collected Writings, Volume 8 Page 267


[In Volume II of Le Lotus, in the issue of November, 1887, there appears a fairly long excerpt from The Secret Doctrine on the subject of the etheric force discovered by John Worrell Keely of Philadelphia, Pa,and the motor which he built.

As H. P. B’s magnum opus was not published until late Fall of 1888, this excerpt is obviously taken from her unfinished manuscript. The text is translated into French with just a few unimportant remarks by the Editor of Le Lotus, F. K. Gaboriau.

We do not translate this lengthy excerpt into English for two reasons first, because such a translation would almost certainly be different from the original English text used by the Editor; and, second, because this very text, with slight variations and amplifications, can be found in the final version of The Secret Doctrine, Vol. I, pp. 554-66, in Section X entitled “The Coming Force”

Keely was born Philadelphia, Pa., September 3, 1837,and died Nov. 18, 1898. In his early life he was a carpenter. He became interested in music, and claimed that the tuning-fork had suggested to him the idea of a new motive power—Compiler.]