Volume 8 Page 3


At this point in the chronological sequence of H. P. B.’s writings, begins the period of her brilliant and dynamic Editorials, as well as other essays and articles, in the pages of the newly-started monthly journal Lucifer. The first issue of this magazine is dated September 15, 1887, and the title-page describes it as: A Theosophical Magazine, designed to “bring to light the hidden things of darkness,” a description fully justified by the many remarkable articles which appeared in its pages as time went on.
Lucifer began to be published only four months after H. P. B. had settled in London, having come over from Ostende, Belgium, at the insistent urging of Bertram and Archibald Keightley and others. For a short time, the magazine was published by George Redway, in York Street, Covent Garden, but the same Fall the Theosophical Publishing Company was organized with a capital of £1,500, and took over the publication of Lucifer and whatever else was being brought out by the indefatigable workers in London.
From the very first issue, and until October, 1888, the Editorial responsibility for Lucifer was shared by H. P. B. with Mabel Collins, which was the nom de plume of Mrs. Kenningale Cook. Considering the important role that she played in the Movement, it has been thought advisable to include a rather comprehensive biographical sketch of her career in the Bio-Bibliographical Index of the present Volume, to which the student is referred.—Compiler.