Blavatsky Collected Writings, Volume 7 Page 200

[The Path (New York), Vol. I., No. 10, January, 1887, p. 320]

In the November number of The Path in my article “Theories about Reincarnation and Spirits,” the entire batch of elaborate arguments is upset and made to fall flat owing to the mistake of either copyist or printer. On page 235, the last paragraph is made to begin with these words: “Therefore the reincarnating principles are left behind in Kama-loka, etc.,” whereas it ought to read “Therefore the NON-reincarnating principles (the false personality) are left behind in Kama-loka, etc.” a statement fully corroborated by what follows, since it is stated that those principles fade out and disappear.
There seems to be some fatality attending this question. The spiritualists will not fail to see in it the guiding hand of their dear departed ones from “Summerland”; and I am inclined to share that belief with them in so far that there must be some mischievous spook between me and the printing of my articles. Unless immediately corrected and attention drawn to it, this error is one which is sure to be quoted some day against me and called a contradiction.
Yours truly,
November 20th, 1886.
NOTE.—The MS. for the article referred to was written out by some one for Mme. Blavatsky and forwarded to us as it was printed, and it is quite evident that the error was the copyist’s, and not ours nor Madame’s; besides that, the remainder of the paragraph clearly shows a mistake. We did not feel justified in making such an important change on our own responsibility, but are now glad to have the author do it herself. Other minor errors probably also can be found in consequence of the peculiar writing of the amanuensis, but they are very trivial in their nature.—[Editor of The Path.]
[The correction indicated by H.P.B. has been incorporated in the text of her article. Page 235, mentioned by her, refers of course to The Path. The paragraph she speaks of is the one immediately following the numbered paragraph (3).—Compiler.]