Blavatsky Collected Writings, Volume 6 Page 329


[The Theosophist, Vol. VI, No. 6(66), March, 1885, p. 131]

In our last number, we published a contribution on the subject of Astrology by one of our brothers of the Madura Branch. We now find in the Subodh Prakash of 28th January, a weekly Anglo-Vernacular paper, published in Bombay, an account of a remarkable astrologer, named Kashinath Pandit, who has been staying for some time in Bombay. Not only can he draw horoscopes, but he is also said

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to be able to write down beforehand the question a visitor desires to put to him, and as soon as the question is put, he throws before the questioner the paper on which both question and answer have been already written by the astrologer. The result in these cases is arrived at by astrological calculation and must not be confused with what is known as simple clairvoyance.
We learn from the article in the Subodh Prakash that many sceptics have been convinced of the reality of the extraordinary powers possessed by this man.
If all that is said in the article be true, it only confirms what has been stated often in these columns, that although the science of astrology is based upon mathematical calculations, it is impossible that the precise results of each of the innumerable combinations which may occur could be calculated and written down by any mortal man, and that, therefore, in order that his astrological predictions may be correct, the astrologer must be versed not only in the science of astrology, but also in its art, that is to say, by purity of life, thought and deed he must develop his clairvoyant perceptions so far as to be able to take note of the minutest combinations possible in every individual case, and the effects they produce on one another.
We trust, however, that some of the members of the Bombay Branch will visit and consult the said astrologer and send us further information.
We should also be glad if any Theosophist who is competent to undertake the work, would contribute a series of articles on Hindu astrology, giving a detailed account of the science. Perhaps the gentleman whose remarkable powers we have recorded above could be induced to give us some help. Very little is known by most people about what astrology really is, and the science is frequently abused through ignorance of its true principles, if indeed there is not some danger of its gradually dying out altogether.