Blavatsky Collected Writings, Volume 6 Page 248


[The Theosophist, Vol. V, No. 10(58), July, 1884, p. 246]

We are told and have also read a great deal about the number seven. We are told that the chain of worlds to which the earth belongs consists of seven planets; in short, the number seven is of great import; but I do not understand why we should consider ourselves confined to our own chain of worlds, which is only one of a number of chains of worlds belonging to our sun, and why we should consider Nirvana as the final goal.
Now if we consider, the number seven does not only end with the chain of worlds explained to us, but that there are seven such chains attached to our sun. Are these not our homes also? We find one planet larger than the other, we find them at greater or less distances than our earth from the sun. We find Mercury and Venus nearer to the Sun than our earth; and Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus further. Are we then to suppose that we shall get Nirvana after the seventh round on our Earth and its chains of worlds and then remain to end of time retaining our individuality? Admitting that we go on, in progress of time, through all the planetary systems of our sun, do we stop there and remain satisfied with our progress?
H. C. Niblett, F. T. S.
ALLAHABAD, May 17, 1884.

Note:––Ordinarily, a man is said to reach Nirvana when he evolutes into a Dhyan Chohan. The condition of a Dhyan Chohan is attained in the ordinary course of Nature, after the completion of the 7th round in the present planetary chain. After becoming a Dhyan Chohan, a man does not, according to the Law of Nature, incarnate in any of the other planetary chains of this Solar system. The whole Solar system is his home. He continues to discharge his duties in the Government of this Solar system until the time of Solar Pralaya, when his monad, after a period of rest, will have to overshadow in another Solar system a particular human being during his successive incarnations, and attach itself to his higher principles when

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he becomes a Dhyan Chohan in his turn. There is progressive spiritual development in the innumerable Solar systems of the infinite cosmos. Until the time of Cosmic Pralaya, the Monad will continue to act in the manner above indicated, and it is only during the inconceivable period of cosmic sleep which follows the present period of activity, that the highest condition of Nirvana is realized. We further beg to inform our correspondent in this connection that our Mahatmas have not yet affirmed that there are exactly 7 planetary chains in this Solar system.—Ed.