Blavatsky Collected Writings, Volume 6 Page 222


[The Theosophist, Vol. V, No. 8(56), May, 1884, p. 189]

[The following note is appended to a story about some ignorant people of Japan and their reactions upon seeing their reflections for the first time in an ordinary mirror. None of them recognized themselves in it, though they imagined seeing the likenesses of various other people:]

MORAL.—It is a parable of the “séance room.” Every Spiritualist sees in the same “materialized form” the reflection of his own image, distorted in the mould of his expectation and fancy—the wish being the father to the thought.


[The Theosophist, Vol. V, No. 8(56), May, 1884, p. 194]

This death is spiritual death. When the communication between a human being and his divine immortal Atma, his “logos” is dissevered, the result will be the spiritual death of the man.
Number 4 represents the sacred square, which is the symbol of the manifested logos. 4 becomes 9 when the logos or the spiritual monad attaches itself to the remaining 5 principles in man. This is the descent of spirit into matter which is darkness.