Blavatsky Collected Writings, Volume 6 Page 212


[Journal of The Theosophical Society, Vol. I, No. 4, April, 1884,
pp. 63-64]

A Russian Theosophist sends to us extracts from a letter received from an old friend of his—a Canon having his prebend in one of the R. C. Districts of Southern Russia. It is not every day that one meets with Catholic priests so profoundly versed in Occultism; and one especially who, appreciating the Kabala at its real worth, takes a proportionate interest in Eastern Occultism and Theosophy. The letter is interesting in various ways, and not to our members alone. We hope to gratify our readers by translating extracts from it.
[The Canon writes: “As the Kabalists have it––Malkuth is always made in the image of Kether.” H. P. B. adds in a footnote:]

For a better comprehension of those of our members who are ignorant of the meaning of these Kabalistic terms, we explain them. Kether is the equilibrizing power (lit. the “crown”), and Malkuth—the kingdom, the synthesis of the whole creation—or in another sense supreme and absolute universal intelligence––PARABRAHM.

Page 213

[“The object of the true initiation is to found the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth, based upon truth and justice supported by one strong Church and one strong empire. Let us hope it will come soon.”]

It is the firm belief of the Kabalists (the Jewish especially) that the time will come when all the nations will be one under one Church composed of Hierophants, whose combined knowledge and wisdom, symbols and differences will also be one.

[“My labour was interrupted only owing to the iniquitous and impious attempts of the Nihilists and I gave it up lest I should become suspected of treason.”]

The writer refers here to alchemical works. The crucible and the ever burning fire of the seeker after the Philosopher’s stone risk certainly to be easily mistaken by the ignorant Police and detectives (in search for the criminal fabricators of dynamite and explosive bombs)—for an apparatus of the murderous Nihilists.