Blavatsky Collected Writings, Volume 6 Page 183


[The Theosophist, Vol. V, No. 6(54), March, 1884, pp. 149-150]

[An unsigned contributor sent in an essay with the above title and with the sub-title “A Suggestion.” It is a clever satire, in dramatic form, depicting the return of Jesus and the reception he is accorded by the various Churches and Sects of Christendom. H. P. B. introduces it with the following remarks:]

We hardly need to offer an apology to the English friend and author who sends us his “Suggestion” for reprinting it, without his special permission. It is too good to be lost for our readers. Only why should the writer, who seems to us quite impartial in other things, be so very partial to “Esoteric Christianity”? Surely, without in any way lowering down the Christ system, or even the ideal Christ, we can say what is but too easy of proof, that, properly speaking, there is no “Esoteric Christianity,” no more than there is Esoteric Hinduism, Buddhism or any other “ism.” We know of one Esoteric doctrine—“the universal secret Wisdom-Religion” of old. The latter embraces every one of the great creeds of the antiquity, while none of these can boast of having it in its entirety. Our mission is to gather all these scattered rays, bring them back to one focus, and thus help those who will come after us to unveil some day the glorious sun of Truth. Only humanity must be prepared for it—lest it should be blinded by the unexpected splendour. The true Theosophist, he who works for the sake of truth—not for his own self and personal predilections — ought to respect every religious system — pander to none. But then, perhaps the author is not a theosophist, yet, and as such, we welcome him as one, who, judging from his “Suggestion,” is on the high road of—becoming one.