Blavatsky Collected Writings, Volume 6 Page 74


[The Epiphany, Madras, December 15, 1883, pp. 59-60. Copied from H. P. B.’s Scrapbook XI (17), by courtesy of The Theosophical Society, Adyar]

Dear Sir,
In the wide Missionary world we count upon at least one narrow circle of honest and honorable foes in yourself and your colleagues. May we long retain such amity of opposition! In your issue of November 24th, a Summary is given of the Rev. Arthur Theophilus’ address on Theosophy with comments by a correspondent, “N.G.M.” It is not my present purpose to controvert the charges brought forward there, as they have been most completely met and refuted in the Supplement to The Theosophist for September 1882. It will appear therefrom that the Reverend gentleman’s pamphlet against us is one long tissue of misstatements from first to last. The only wonder is that the Bishop of Madras should take it upon himself to circulate a pamphlet containing inaccuracies, which were originally mere misstatements, but the reiteration of which after our contradiction renders now those who still circulate them guilty of an offence of much deeper dye. A copy of The Theosophist for September 1882 is sent you under separate cover; it will speak for itself. I confidently rely upon your invariably fair and friendly enmity to hold the balance evenly, and do us that justice which the nature of the case may call for. The perusal of my Review on Rev. Theophilus’ effusion will, I believe, enable you to come to a right decision with regard to the controversy.
Yours faithfully,
Editor, Theosophist.

[Here follows a long analysis by the Editor of The Epiphany of Rev. Theophilus’ alleged quotations from H. P. Blavatsky in his pamphlet, The Theosophical Society, Its Objects and Creed, which was reviewed by H. P. B. in The Theosophist, Vol. III, No. 12(36), September, 1882, pp. 315-318. The Editor’s article is friendly in tone and impartial.—Compiler.]