Blavatsky Collected Writings, Volume 6 Page 73


[Rebus, St. Petersburg, Russia, Vol. II, No. 49, December 9th,
1883, p. 447. Translated from the original Russian.]

. . . While I have seen the medium Home, I was not acquainted with him, and therefore could not have journeyed to America in his company, as is stated in No. 40 of your Journal, in the article “The Truth About H. P. Blavatsky.” You will oblige me very much, Sir, by a rectification of this statement, and by telling your readers that it was an error. I went to America with Mr. Yule and his wife. Mr. Yule, I believe, died many years ago. Though his name is unknown, he was, however, a strong medium.

India, Madras, November 25, 1883.

[The weekly journal Rebus—meaning Riddle or Charade—started as a mere sheet of riddles. It became later the organ of Spiritualism and Mediumism in Russia. Its Editor, Victor Pribitkoff, was very friendly towards H.P.B. and her work. The early volumes of the Rebus contained numerous articles by such prominent scientists and writers as A. M. Butleroff, N. P. Wagner, A. N. Aksakoff, N. Strahoff and others. Although statements have been made to the effect that H. P. B. wrote for the Rebus, only two items from her pen have ever been found in that journal, outside of the excerpt printed above, namely, a Letter to the Editor (Vol. IV, No. 37, September, 1885, pp. 335-336) concerning the reasons why she left India in 1885, and a Russian version of her English story entitled “The Cave of the Echoes” which in the Rebus is called “The Cave of Ozerki” (Vol. V, Nos. 1-3, Jan. 5, Jan. 12, and Jan. 19, 1886, pp. 9-11, 25-26, and 36-38 respectively). These two items are to be found in their correct chronological sequence in the present series.
The early volumes of the Rebus are now extremely rare and very difficult to find.—Compiler.]