Blavatsky Collected Writings, Volume 6 Page 69


[The Theosophist, Vol. V, No. 3(51), December, 1883, pp. 88.89]

[This account appears here, out of strict chronological sequence, as it is probably not from H. P. B.’s own pen. However, her closing Editorial Note—which otherwise would be included among Miscellaneous Notes—has but little meaning without the complete account.]

We have much pleasure to be able to lay before the public a remarkable psychological phenomenon, as interesting as it is well authenticated. On November 10th, a European gentleman* attached to the Theosophical Head Quarters was engaged in some work in a room adjoining that of Madame Blavatsky, when he heard a voice, which he believed to be that of Mr. D—K—M,† an officer of the Parent Society, speaking to Madame Blavatsky in her room. As this young man had, to that gentleman’s knowledge, left the Head Quarters some weeks previously to join Col. Olcott, at Poona, he naturally thought at the time that he had come back and so entered Madame Blavatsky’s room to greet the officer in question on his return. But fancy his surprise when on entering the room he found that D—K—M was nowhere to be seen; and his surprise positively grew up to amazement when on enquiring he found that, though this young Brahman was at the moment at Moradabad, N. W. P., yet Madame Blavatsky who was then standing looking very much perplexed, before the shrine setting it in order, had also not only heard that chela’s voice, but assured the gentleman that she had a message from D— K—M, which was of great importance –– the words of which she was asked to repeat by telegram. She immediately proceeded to have them wired to Moradabad and the message was sent. In the evening, General and Mrs. Morgan from Ooty, Miss Flynn from Bombay, Mr. Mohini Mohun Chatterji from Calcutta, and others then on a visit at Adyar, talked the matter over a good deal, all expressing surprise and intense curiosity as to how far the phenomenon would be verified.
* [Monsieur Alexis Coulomb.] † [Damodar K. Mavalankar.]

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With these prefatory remarks we may safely leave the following documents to speak for themselves and invite our Spiritualistic friends to explain away the occurrence on their orthodox theories. These documents were received from Moradabad five days later:

On the evening of November 10, Mr. D—K—M—having at the request of Mr. Shankar Singh of Moradabad promised to ask the Mahatmas whether Col. Olcott would be permitted to treat mesmerically two children, in whom Shankar Singh was interested,* and having at his request gone to the Adyar Head-quarters in the Shukshma sarira (astral body) told us that he had received a message at the Adyar “Shrine”; at the same time he also said that he had asked Madame Blavatsky to give Col. Olcott a confirmation of his visit as well as of the order received through the shrine from Col. Olcott’s guru by sending a telegram to him, D—K—M. or Shankar Singh; after which he reported (4:50 P.M.) its substance in these words: “Henry can try the parties once, leaving strongly mesmerised Cajaputti oil to rub three times daily to relieve sufferers. Karma cannot be interfered.”

Shankar Singh.
Pundit B. sankar.
W. T. Brown.
Purmeshri Dass
Parshotham Dass.
Ishri Prasad.

Narottam Dass.
L. Venkata Varadarajulu Naidu.
Toke Narainasamy Naidu.
Chiranjee La.
H. S. Olcott.
Pran Nath Pandit.

(The telegram mentioned by D—K—M. has just been received (8:45 A.M., November 11th) as a deferred or night message of 34 words, in which the above exact words are repeated. Madame Blavatsky says a “voice from the Shrine” spoke the words, and adds that D—K—M. heard the voice, and the telegram is sent at his request.
* [During the whole of the years 1882-83, Col. Olcott had been engaged in magnetic healing. He had brought himself to a point of exhaustion, and received on October 19, 1883, an order from his Master to cease treatments. Shankar Singh, a Government Official, had implored him to undertake the cure of two lads aged 12 and 14 respectively, who had each on arriving at the age of 10 years become paralyzed. As Col. Olcott had to refuse on account of orders received from his Teacher, Shankar Singh appealed to Damodar’s sympathies. This resulted in Damodar’s intervention on his behalf, as narrated in the present account.—Compiler.]

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Copy of the telegram received from Madame H. P. Blavatsky by Mr. D—K—M.
(Class D)

To Moradabad
From Adyar (Madras)
Words Days Hours Minutes
49 10 17 15

To D—K—M.
c/o Col. Olcott, President From
Theosophical Society. H. P. Blavatsky
“Voice from Shrine says Henry can try parties once, leaving strongly mesmerized Cajaputti oil, rub three times daily to relieve suffering, Karma cannot be interfered with. D— heard voice; telegram sent at his request.”

Noted that the telegram is dated Adyar, 5:15 P.M., or but 25 minutes later than the time when D—K—M.’s psychic message was reported at Moradabad. The two places are 2,281 miles apart.

Ishri Prasad.
W.T. Brown
H.S. Olcott.
Pundit Sankar.
Purashotham Dass.
Chendra Sekhara.
Toke Narainasamy Naidu.
L. Venkata Varadarajulu Naidu.

Editor’s Note. Mr. D—K—M. is a chela of hardly 4 years’ standing, his remarkable psychic powers having received their development but lately. He is of a very delicate health and lives the life of a regular ascetic. Whenever the phenomenon of the separation of the astral from the physical body takes place, we are told, he falls invariably asleep or into a trance a few minutes before.

[The circumstances outlined above are mentioned by Col. Olcott in his Old Diary Leaves, III, 29-30, but without any detailed account .——Comp. ]