Blavatsky Collected Writings, Vol. 5 Page 358


[The Theosophist, Vol. V, No. 2(50), Supplement to November, 1883, p. 21.]

The necessity of the organization of committees by our members for the investigation of psychometry and the cognate sciences has been reiterated in these columns over and over again and also by the President-Founder in his public and private discourses. Knowing the splendid results achieved by the Society for Psychic Researches in England, it is a wonder that our advice has not been followed to the extent desired. It is with a real pleasure that we make room for the following letter from the Psychic Research Society to Count Gonemys, F.T.S., of our Corfu Branch. We hope our other branches will not be slow to profit by the example set by the Ionian Society. In each branch according to their numerical strength, committees should be formed for the study of the various elementary branches of Occultism. It is rather strange that those who profess to thirst after knowledge should yet neglect the food placed before them.—Ed.

CAMBRIDGE, 2nd September 1883.

We have read with the greatest interest your communication which is exactly within the circle of our investigations and we shall make use of it with great pleasure by printing it in full or by translating it summarily. I regret very much not to be more in the habit of writing in French. The difficulty of expressing myself in this foreign language hampers me so that I cannot express to you as I would my gratitude for a letter which is certainly the most important we have hitherto received.

I hope you will continue to communicate to our Society your experiences and reflexions; they will certainly meet with our utmost attention.
At the next meeting of the council of the Society, which will take place in the month of October, I shall have the honor of proposing you as a member.
Receive, Sir, the assurance of my best respect and believe me.
Your most obliged servant,