Blavatsky Collected Writings, Vol. 5 Page 285


[The Theosophist, Vol. IV, No. 12(48), September, 1883, p. 325.]

One of the articles of the May number of Macmillan’s Magazine is by Professor Huxley, and is entitled “Unwritten History.” It treats of the past geological history of Egypt principally, with a few remarks towards the end on its ethnology. But what surprised me most, was that the whole article might have been plagiarised from Isis Unveiled, so wonderfully are the same conclusions arrived at. From the following paragraph, one might almost suppose, that Mr. Huxley had also plagiarised from the later numbers of “Fragments of Occult Truth” as regards past Races and Rounds. “That the Egyptians are not Negroes is certain, and that they are totally different from any typical Semites is also certain. I am not aware that there are any people who resemble them in character of hair and complexion, except the Dravidian tribes of Central India, and the Australians; and I have long been inclined to think, on purely physical grounds, that the latter are the lowest, and the Egyptians the highest, members of a race of mankind of great antiquity, distinct alike from Aryan and Turanian on the one side; and from Negro and Negrito on the other.” Now how is Professor Huxley to make one race of the Australians and Egyptians, without the aid of the submerged Pacific continent, mentioned in Isis Unveiled? Though great light has been thrown on nearly every subject, no information is given in Isis Unveiled on Southern and Central Africa, and its Negro-tribes. Why is this?
A. BANON, F. T. S.,
Captain, 39th N. I.

Ed. Note.—On the exoteric authority of Herodotus, and the esoteric authority of the occult sciences we have shown in Isis that the Abyssinians (though a mixed race at present) and the Egyptians were what Herodotus calls the

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“Eastern Ethiopians” who had come from Southern India and colonized Egypt and a part of Africa—most of them having inhabited Lanka, not the present Ceylon; but when it was yet part and parcel of the Indian continent and many more islands like Ceylon extended South and formed part of the Aryan’s Lanka of the Ramayana. And though the Egyptians did not belong to the fourth race, yet they were Atlanteans whose islands perished still earlier than Poseidonis.