Blavatsky Collected Writings Volume 4 Page 379


[The Theosophist, Vol. IV, No. 7, April, 1883, p. 153]

[The author of this article discusses the question of modern miracles in an endeavour to “show that they are invariably the effect of natural causes, which, though known but misunderstood by the Church of Rome, are much better apprehended by a body of men in whose custody has been reposed for several thousand years before Roman Catholicism existed, at least so much of knowledge as can assign the phenomena to their real causes.” H. P. B. comments on this statement as follows:]
Last year, during Colonel Olcott’s tour in Ceylon, an attempt was made by the Roman Catholic padris to inaugurate an era of miracles by means of a Singhalese “Lourdes.” A fountain or well was discovered, “sanctified by the apparition of the Holy Virgin,” and the lame and the blind, it was alleged, recovered their health, by drinking of that holy water. Then it was that Colonel Olcott produced several wonderful cures of old paralysis, instantaneously, by simple mesmeric passes; and thus proved that there were simple mortals who could vie with gods and goddesses in producing divine miracles, without any interference of, or claim to, supernatural powers. This was done by the direct order of his Master, one of the “men” alluded to by the author. The Singhalese heard no more of the visits of the Virgin Mary.