Blavatsky Collected Writings Volume 4 Page 230


[The Philosophic Inquirer, Madras, September 24, 1882]

To the Editor of The Philosophic Inquirer.
My dear Sir and Brother,—I was very ill for the last two or three weeks, and could not therefore attend to business as I ought to. But I have read Mr. Bradlaugh’s case, and I feel unable to do justice to my feelings in saying only that I am profoundly disgusted with the shameless, barefaced plot resorted to against him by his enemies. It would be sufficient to turn any honest Christian forever from


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Christianity and to plunge him into the deepest “heathenism” and atheism, that bare fact that otherwise he would have to belong to the same creed that actuates such men as Sir Henry Tyler and the tutti quanti. I respect and admire Mr. Bradlaugh for his fearlessness and the good he does to all who fight for the cause of intellectual freedom; though of course, I cannot as a metaphysical Atheist or Buddhist sympathize with his and your extreme views. But whether as H. P. Blavatsky I do or do not sympathize with his all-denying philosophy, as a Theosophist I am bound—as every other true Theosophist—to help him in his deadly fight against rampant bigotry, intolerance, dogmatism, and especially against those unprincipled men who would make right of might, and disgrace the majesty of Law and Justice, by making it serve their own tricky, sectarian ends. Will you then oblige me by adding our humble contributions to those already received for your “Fund” to enable Mr. Bradlaugh to fight the “Bigots.” Our Society is poor and has no fund of its own. Otherwise had it but the income the Salvation Army gets in one month, I can assure you, the Theosophical Society would have changed every pound Sterling into 1000.

So far we can do but the following:

  Rs. A.
From H. S. Olcott 10 0
From H. P. Blavatsky 10 0
From Damodar K. Mavalankar 5 0
From Seven Poor Theists (Theosophists) 10 0

Bombay, September 15th, 1882.