Blavatsky Collected Writings Volume 4 Page 189


[The Theosophist, Vol. III, No. 12, September, 1882, p. 296]

[Replying to a review of their work, the authors of The Perfect Way raise certain objections to various statements by the reviewer, and conclude by saying:
“. . . May it not well be that the issue of the work of the Theosophical Society in India may prove not only that which its respected Founders contemplated, but more—the sending forth of ‘Eirenicon’ to the religious world; and that by the union of the Eastern and Western minds effected through them, may be brought to birth a new and nobler Church than any before it—


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a Church having, indeed, ‘Buddha’ and Buddhist philosophy for its circumference, but ‘Jesus’ and Christian aspiration for its central point—the two essential to each other, and interpreting the whole nature of Man?” To this H. P. B. remarks:]

We must be permitted respectfully to suggest to the esteemed authors of The Perfect Way that the philosophy and the Arhat doctrine left to us by the Lord Tathagata Buddha is quite broad enough to cover both the circumference and the Central Point of whatever Church. The rays of light radiating from that Central Point stretch far enough to cover and illuminate the whole area of the inhabitable worlds. Such is the opinion of BUDDHISTS, at least.