Blavatsky Collected Writings Volume 4 Page 19


[The Theosophist, Vol. III, No. 6, March, 1882, p. 149]

Our friend Mr. Terry, of Melbourne, is fortunate in having access to a clairvoyante of exceptionally good lucidity, as he informs us. Quite recently she claims to having seen in her trances the Kama-rupa (double) of a living man, who is thus described by Mr. Terry in a letter received by us by the last Australian mail.

An intelligence clothed in human form, wearing an Eastern costume, and having a dark complexion, but not so dark as the average Hindoo, professing to be Koot-Hoomi, presented himself to my clairvoyante, and I conversed with him. Though there was nothing in the conversation inconsistent with the character assumed, there were still no proofs of identity. I will experiment further. I must have evidence as a basis of belief.

The description is vague and may suit any one of some thousands of Kashmiris and Brahmins of various families Koot-Hoomi is, in fact, of a light complexion. Having asked his attention to the foregoing, we are authorized to say on his behalf that he will not yet affirm or deny the truth of this vision. Mr. Terry promises to make further experiments, the issue of which he will await. We will say however, that K. H. has before now both been seen by clairvoyants, and “controlled” a medium, as we are told.