H.P. Blavatsky Collected Writings Vol. 3 Page 390


[The Statesman and Friend of India, Calcutta, December 27th, 1881]

To the Editor.

Sir,—In the course of your remarks you have made in your issue of the 17th, on the letter of my solicitors, Messrs. Sanderson and Company, you represent yourself as aggrieved by me in the course of an angry letter I wrote to the Bombay Gazette, when repeatedly and grossly insulted in your columns on various dates. Deeply as you have wronged me, and ungenerously imperfect as your retraction or apology seems to me to be, I have no hesitation whatever in expressing regret at having inaccurately connected the Statesman as it is now conducted with the acts of a former proprietor or editor. I am too deeply engaged in other pursuits to watch closely the ordinary current of affairs which do not concern me or my work, and was simply unaware of the change of proprietorship of which you speak. I wish you could see the propriety of dissociating yourself, as completely as the London Statesman, from all sympathy with the writer or inspirer of your recent articles—the person, who, while animated in attacking me by private malice (itself the result of a misapprehension of facts) has succeeded in leading you to regard him as writing down Theosophy on public grounds.

Bombay, December 21.