Volume 2 Page 441


[The Theosophist, Vol. I, No. 11, August, 1880, p. 279]

“A MISSIONARY WHIP.”—Mr. Andrew Chermside, a recent traveller in Central Africa, has placed in the hands of Dr. Cameron, M.P., a whip, with which he states that the missionaries, at a mission station, established near Lake Nyassa, are in the habit of flogging their refractory converts. The whip consists of several very thick thongs, and is a more formidable weapon of punishment than the navy cat which was exhibited at the House of Commons last year. The subject is, we hear, likely to undergo official investigation.—Daily News.
What heathen could resist such persuasive arguments?


[Ibid., p. 283]

The voyage from Bombay to Point de Galle during the dry months, by one of the fine steamers of the British India S. N. Co., touching at all the Coast ports, is charming. With an agreeable captain, good company, and reasonable immunity from sea-sickness, it is so like a yachting excursion that one is sorry when the journey is ended. Such, at any rate, was our case. To come back in the S. W. monsoon, as we did, is quite another affair.