Volume 2 Page 258


[The Theosophist, Vol. I, No. 4, January, 1880, p. 100]

[Munshi Samarthadan, having given an authentic report of a debate which took place at Ajmere, on November 28th, 1878, between Pandit Dayânanda Saraswatî and the Rev. Dr. Gray, H. P. B. commented upon it as follows:]

The above affords a fair example of Missionary tactics in India. Open debate with learned natives before audiences is avoided whenever practicable, and their work, as a rule, confined to the lowest and most ignorant castes. Teachers in mission schools and sectarian colleges even avoid discussing theological questions put by bright native youths, before the classes, bidding them come to them privately and have their interrogatories answered. The fact forces itself upon the attention of every unprejudiced visitor to India that the Oriental missionary scheme is a wretched failure, and the millions contributed to it by the benevolent are virtually wasted. This appears to be the opinion of most old Anglo-Indians of all ranks. It is intended to publish testimony upon this very important subject in these pages and communications are invited.