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[Banner of Light, Boston, Vol. XLVI, No. 14, December 27, 1879]

Bombay, India.

To the Editor of The Banner of Light:
In your issue of Oct. 4th, in the “London Spiritual Notes” from your special correspondent, “Fidelity,” I find the following:

. . . Mme. Blavatsky appears in a new rôle, namely, as the editor of a paper printed in the interest of the Theosophists. It is a neat little monthly, but will scarcely be appreciated by Spiritualists generally.

And now, we must really take you to task. You, so eager usually to introduce to your readers every new and reliable medium appearing on the horizon, you have actually neglected to introduce to the public notice this phenomenal clairvoyant correspondent of yours! Verily he (“Fidelity”) must be endowed with a fidelity of second sight which beats hollow “Petticoat Bishop,” with Zadkiel’s Astrological Almanac to boot. Judge for yourself: At the time you were composing this reliable news from London—i.e., October 4th, “the neat little monthly that will scarcely be

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appreciated by Spiritualists,” had appeared in Bombay but two days before. It was born and made its first appearance before the public on the 1st of October last, and, at the time your “special correspondent” was writing to you about it in London, the “little monthly” had not even yet been set up in type!

That the journal is “appreciated” by somebody is pretty clear, since the subscription list has quadrupled since the first number appeared. In this, “Fidelity” failed. But on the other hand, what a combined gift of second sight, clairvoyance, and prophetic vision! If cultivated, it will place your correspondent on the highest pinnacle among seers. It was on the four-page Prospectus that he evidently based his prognostication. Describing—psychometrically— that which had not yet appeared, he thus adds one page more to the wonderful discovery of our esteemed and mutual friend, Dr. J. R. Buchanan, the Father of Psychometry.

And yet the “neat little monthly” would “scarcely appreciate” such a correspondent for itself, though the latter does sign himself — by paraphrase, we must suppose — “Fidelity.”

Your fraternally,
November 12th, 1879.