Volume 2 Page 55


[The Spiritualist, London, July 11, 1879, p. 24]

SIR,—Be so kind as to make room in your next issue for this indignant protest of mine. Speaking of me in your leading article of May 23rd, and entitled “Theosophic Thaumaturgy,” I am mentioned as the “Countess” Blavatsky. Allow me to state, once for ever, that such is not my title, nor can I concede the right to include in the long list of vices I may be possibly endowed with that of a parvenu’s vanity. My family, on both sides, is quite ancient enough and noble enough to have transmitted to me too much pride to leave room for any petty feeling of vanity. I had to protest against this title while I was in America; have protested against it at another time in La Revue Spirite of Paris; and have just published in the Bombay Gazette of May 13th a third protest, stating that, for reasons sufficiently specified, and not wholly disconnected with American citizenship, my name is simply
Bombay, June 12th.

[The expression “Countess Blavatsky” was taken from the Indian newspapers.—ED.]