H.P. Blavatsky Collected Writings, Volume 13 Page 164


[Lucifer, Vol. VIII, No, 44, April, 1891, p. 138]

[The following footnote is appended to a translation of Śri Śamkarâchârya’s Prasnottaramala, wherein to the question: “What is the door of hell? the answer is given: “The woman.”]

Tertullian also said that woman was the gateway of the devil. Is this allegorical or may not woman equally say that
* [Sacred Books of the East, Vol. XXXIV, Oxford University Press, 1890.]


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man is the “door of hell” from the same point of view? In the phraseology of Occultism, the lower Quarternary (the four lower “principles”) is considered male, while of the three higher Principles, Atma and Manas are held to be sexless and Buddhi (Soul) female.