H.P. Blavatsky Collected Writings, Volume 13 Page 134


[Lucifer, Vol. VIII, No. 43, March, 1891, pp. 31, 85]

[Speaking of the renowned painter, Antoine Wiertz. the writer says that “he felt convinced that in the forthcoming ages, men will become in knowledge as well as in physique colossal giants in comparison with us, the present pigmies.” To this H.P.B. remarks:]

This is a teaching of occult philosophy. Theosophists believing in cycles feel confident that our races will ultimately return to their primeval gigantic size and consequently to their knowledge of the secrets of nature.

[In one of his canvases, Wiertz has represented the Men of the Future; they are shown moving in the heavenly spaces, where they drive chariots, fly about, and rest on clouds; they enjoy omniscience in a world free from strife. To this H.P.B. remarks:]

Occult Theosophy teaches us that such is the fate in store for the highest of the men of the seventh Round and Race. Wiertz was an unconscious Theosophist.


[In connection with a statement to the effect that H.P.B. went to India “led by the Great Spirit, who is in constant communion with the spirits of the other world.”]

The individual of that name is not aware of having been led into India by any “Spirit”, great or small. Colonel H. S. Olcott and H. P. Blavatsky went to India because such was the wish of their MASTERS in Eastern philosophy, and those Masters are no “Spirits,”—but living men.