H.P. Blavatsky Collected Writings, Volume 13 Page 269

[ONE ETERNAL TRUTH . . . . . ]

. . . one eternal Truth, and one infinite changeless Spirit of Love, Truth and Wisdom in the Universe, as one Light for all, in which we live and move and have our Being . . . . We are all Brothers. Let us then love, help, and mutually defend each other against any Spirit of untruth or deception, “without distinction of race, creed or colour.”

[This brief passage was first published in The Theosophist, Vol. LIII, October, 1931. C. Jinarâjadâsa, then Editor of the magazine, appended the following note which gives some interesting data on this brief statement in H.P.B.’s hand:

“This solitary page of a manuscript of H.P.B. has a strange history. Last month, I received from Mademoiselle H. de Zhelihovsky and her sister, nieces of H.P.B., certain letters in Russian written by their aunt. Among them was a copy, in English, of a letter of protest sent to A. S. Souvorine, an editor


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in St. Petersburg, controverting the charges against H.P.B. made by the Coulombs. The protest bears the signatures of A.P. Sinnett, W.Q. Judge, T.B. Harbottle, Archibald Keightley, Bertram Keightley, K. Gaboriau, R. Harte, C. Wachtmeister, Mabel Collins, and C. Johnston. Mlle. H. de Zhelihovsky informs me that the protest was not published by the newspaper to which it was sent.
“After copying the protest for the Archives, I was preparing to return it when my eye was caught by H.P.B.’s handwriting on the back of page 4 of the protest. There is no clue at all regarding these solitary lines. One must presume that the protest when rejected was sent to H.P.B. to see, that it lay on her desk, and that when writing an article and coming to the end of its eleventh page, she concluded it on the back of p. 4 of the protest, which perhaps lay face down on the table.”

A. S. Suvorin was the famous Editor of the St. Petersburg’s Novoye Vremya (New Time), a newspaper which did not show any friendly attitude to H.P.B. or Theosophy. The niece of H.P.B. mentioned by C. J. was Miss Helena Vladimirovna de Zhelihovsky (1874-1949), the unmarried daughter of H.P.B.’s sister, Vera Petrovna de Zhelihovsky (1835-1896).—Compiler.]