H.P. Blavatsky Collected Writings, Volume 13 Page 223


[Lucifer, Vol. X, May, 1892, p. 196]

[Although not an actual text from the pen of H. P. Blavatsky, the following Note should be incorporated with the present Series, on account of the valuable point under discussion.]

Madame Blavatsky, being asked what was the cause of the Grippe, answered that it was “an abnormal condition of the oxygen in the atmosphere,” or words to the same effect. I concluded that, in that case, artificially-produced oxygen might prove valuable as a remedy. My mother having been laid up with this disease, I searched the United States dispensary for some easy means of producing oxygen, and stumbled across “Peroxide of Hydrogen” (H2O2). I administered it internally in drachm doses well diluted with water three times a day, also spraying some through the sick room, with undeniably favourable results. I found upon advising the use of it to a friend, it had also upon him a like effect; and also find that the Philadelphia papers contain advertisements of an oxygen treatment for the Grippe. To all those who question the qui bono of Theosophy I would like to say, “Study Madame Blavatsky’s writings, and then judge.”—F.T.S.