H.P. Blavatsky Collected Writings, Volume 13 Page 208


[Beyond this point we begin to print material from the pen of H.P.B. which was published POSTHUMOUSLY, right through October, 1896, mostly in Lucifer.
On the whole, we adhere to the policy of publishing everything in the chronological order of original publication. But here and there throughout the Collected Writings, and this applies to the posthumous material as well, certain articles are known to have been written much earlier than when published; therefore they have been removed to where they actually belong, and this is indicated by various bracketed Notes and Comments.
Here are also articles and essays which H.P.B. wrote at various times—we do not exactly know when—some of which are yet unpublished. They are in the Adyar Archives. Some of them, as indicated, received publication in The Theosophist of recent years; some have not yet appeared. They have been carefully transcribed from microfilm and, of course, belong, however late in time, to the “posthumous” section of material.—Compiler.]