Blavatsky Collected Writings Volume 12 Page 419


[The text of this communication exists only in the form of a copy, the original of which is not known to exist. As the Oriental Department was organized by William Quan Judge, it is most likely that the recepient of this letter was Mr. Judge. The initial paper of this Department was issued January, 1891, under the title of Some Customs of Âryâvarta and was from the pen of Swâmi Bhaskara Nand Sarasvatî, of Jodpore, India.]

In my individual capacity I desire hereby to approve the proposal of my old friend, William Q. Judge, that the Indian Section of the Theosophical Society should now begin more definitely than hitherto to aid in carrying out the


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second object of the Society by means of a Department which shall have for its especial work the sending out through the Indian Headquarters, in conjunction with those of Europe and America, translations from the various Hindi, Sanskrit, Tamil and other works on religion, philosophy, and occultism hitherto unpublished, as well as other matter to the end that the members of the Society in the Occident may thereby be aided and encouraged, and a stronger feeling of solidarity be established between the East and West; and I strongly urge upon our Indian and other Eastern brethren the immediate carrying out of this project by all available and proper means.
December 12, 1890.