Blavatsky Collected Writings Volume 12 Page 382


[Lucifer, Vol. VII, No. 39, November, 1890, pp. 226, 236]

[In an article on the “Mystic Lore of Gems and Crystals”, the writer says that some of them were called the “tears of the Gods,” and states that “among the ancients, rings or talismans formed of each stone and metal, with certain ceremonies, at the times when their respective ruling stars were strongest, were venerated as possessing all the virtues of the planets under which they were formed.” To this H.P.B. says:]

The above is of course the superstition of the occult tradition. Comparative study in this field of research has yet to be attempted, when it will be proved that there is a true scientific basis in the widespread belief in the virtues of the “tears of the Gods.”


[Alice D. Le Plongeon, writing on “Ancient Races,” wonders whether the elephant worship in India may not be an outgrowth of mammoth worship in America. To this H.P.B. remarks:]

We would rather say that it is the other way about. The Aryan Hindu is the last offshoot of the first sub-race of the fifth Root-race which is now the dominant one.