Blavatsky Collected Writings Volume 12 Page 150


[In the London Theosophical Magazine Lucifer, Vol. VI, April, 1890, George R. S. Mead began the publication of his translation of the Gnostic Scripture known as Pistis-Sophia. Its successive installments ran though the May, 1891, issue of the magazine, which is in Volume VIII thereof, at which time they were temporarily suspended, to be resumed in six months: the translation, however, was never completed in Lucifer.
At the very outset, a Note stated that this ancient mystic Scripture was “translated and annotated by G.R.S.M., with additional notes by H.P.B.” The translation exhibits numerous footnotes, Notes and Commentaries on various terms and passages—some of which are most likely by H.P.B. They will be published in Vol. XIII of our Series.]