Blavatsky Collected Writings Volume 12 Page 119


[Lucifer, Vol. V, No. 30, February, 1890, p. 477]

[In the course of a scholarly article on the subject of the Ego and the Unmanifested Being, Vicomte de Figuanière states that “the indestructiblity of Force resides in the fact that the action of the Unmanifested is ceaseless, and that Force being limited by its primordial modes . . . . no perfect or absolute equilibrium is verified . . .” To this, H.P.B. remarks:]

Harmony in motion, Inertia in motion, and Activity in motion—not to be mistaken for unmanifested “action”— three in one and one in three. Or two positives and a neuter, through which the dominion of one passes to the other, the latter meanwhile acting as the negative—a mere aspect, for the negative, as such, is non-extant; till the “neuter,” as radically untrue as the negative—becomes in its turn a positive, namely the phase of attraction called gravitation—for it is only one phase of a triple fact, that is, latent will; the other two modes of attraction being manifested will, one now prevailing in organic states, whilst the third, as a dominant, is the compatibility of super-organic states. With the latter objection we concur heartily.—Editor, Lucifer.