Blavatsky Collected Writings Volume 12 Page 90


[Lucifer, Vol. V, No. 29, January, 1890, pp. 442-43]

In America, as in England and every other civilised country, complaints are heard from the press of the failure of Christianity to influence the lives of the people. We have just come across an article in an American paper on “The Failure of Christianity in Villages,” in which our contemporary declares that:

Nothing is more marked in American social life, or more to be regretted, than the manifest decay of religious activity and the loss of vitality in our American towns and villages, especially in the rural districts. New England presents this failure in one form, and the North-West presents it in another, but in nearly all American villages, wherever you go, the Christian religion in the existing forms in which its friends try to commend it to the public, is set forth in ways which for the most part are not attractive to the average man, and do not impress the people with much respect for the truths which are behind them.

The truth is that the age is outgrowing the dead-letter rendering which materializes truth into falsehood. Everywhere empty hands are outstretched into the darkness groping after the Truth. It is for the Theosophists to chase away the darkness with the “light from the East.”


Theosophists, and more especially Occultists, will be interested in learning that Dr. Albertini has discovered that colour blindness is accompanied by a corresponding deafness to certain notes. Persons who cannot see red cannot distinguish the note Sol; those who cannot see green cannot distinguish Re. Thus, from time to time, do the discoveries of Western science confirm Eastern knowledge; and as science presses nearer to the heart of things, we may look to see these confirmations increase.